I Am Not

What is that
That is eating me
My own nerves
Chewing through
My skin biting
Going out and
Gouging going in
Tattooed arabesque
What is
This darkness
That slides
Down the wall
Wilting flowers
Growing mildew
In my books
All words replaced
With landscapes
Confused with corruption
Veiled curtains
Rotting as I watch
Do I truly want
To see beyond
Silvered mirrors
Flake away
Revealing reflected
Shadowed faces
Almost unseen
Uncaring of wild
Tangled hair
Unnoticed settling
Heavy in my heart
The weary darkness
Bathes me
In rivers of nettles
My body dances
A jigging cramping reel
Spastic leaps
Escaping from myself
Macabre’ stars
I am not
Each half thought
Letter by letter
Dragged heavy
With sticky mud
Unwashed dropped
Just outside
In night again
I am not
What is gone
There was
That was here
Just before
I flew through
The missing roof
I was here
Balanced comfortable
On the cross beams
I am not
My self traded
For muddy letters
I am gone
My body is hollow
A shell of pain
There is no one here
I am not
Shall spring arrive
Draped in black
Bees swarming
Eternal night
Hives empty
Black carpenter
Ants constructing
Termite wars
It is that
I am not
In my place
A fire burns
Bear … 01.04.2015