I am so often much afraid
That my Sister Fate
Cannot not be delayed
What if I could not do what was asked
What if my weakness could not be masked
What if my spirit and my body should falter
What if there was no available energy alter
In the no ears eternal listening
I would hear small children wail
And the lonely echoing elders death rail
They count on me to be there
When other protections fail
Alternatives and safety-nets
Extra hands and hugs and meds
Food drink and pylons ropes and quilts and
Tools and toys jackets even entertainments
Whatever might be needed
I do make the effort I try to prepare
My private knowledge is that I know too often
I cannot be available to help all those for whom I care
Sometimes I am unable to do what I wish to dare
But thus far Eternal Power
Has allowed strength to be given me
I’ve been propped up and animated
With all around available Chi
I’ve been blessed with omens
And warnings and hints and clues
I usually know when soon
I must absolutely pay my dues
So I do what I can and
I try to hide my dread
When the visitor is Sister Fate
Beyond delay she refuses to cooperate
There will be the expected collapse
And my back won’t hold my weight
Reconnecting missing synapse
Are twisting spasms that I hate
Other symptoms cause courage to lapse
Yet again I have been blessed
By my delayed Sister Fate
I am grateful that when pressed
It was not I who was late
I was allowed to do what was needed
Even when I really couldn’t
I’m grateful that my pleas
For extra help were timely heeded
Safely hidden back at home
I scream and cry and wail
In this silent noisy Hell
My body and my spirit fail
Bear … 02.09.2014

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