At night,  
When all was quiet and still, 
I watched from the darkness.
I saw the glowing 
Red light of fire, 
As the forge roared 
And sparks were shooting,
Bursting, dazzling, 
The star magic 
Of metal transmuted.  
I heard the roaring forge,
The whoosh and quenching sizzle,
Then the Mighty Hammer 
Bang BANG  
Bang BANG, 
An ancient song
Of strength and steel, 
The heartbeat of creation,
Intent and work, 
Forged and quenched and hammered,
Bang BANG,
Bang BANG. 
The shadows flow
And retract,
Flow and retract.
I watched 
From the darkness,
The Night Gifted Magician, 
Immersed in creation,
Forging swords, 
And blades, and tools;
Each carrying its own 
Blessing of Power.

Beware Trained Mind Control Puppy

Roy, an experienced puppy trainer, with apt pupil, Luna.
Luna, chosen by Roy, for her obvious gifts, has quickly learned that Master Mind Control and Communication is an important variation of Tail Wagging and Licking Roy’s Ears When Ears Are Accessible.   At six feet four inches tall, Roy must be coerced into placing target areas within reach.

Roy  with eyes closed to avoid being being taken over by Mind Control Puppy, Luna   ⓒBearspawprint2014

Roy with eyes closed to avoid being being taken over by Mind Control Puppy, Luna ⓒBearspawprint2014

Luna has learned to evoke praise, “Good Luna, good girl”, pets and rubs from all but one encounter.  Roy’s cat, Patrick, does not praise.  Patrick refuses to praise anything.  Patrick also keeps his weapons ready to defend any vulnerable hypnotic encroachments.   Luna is unable, as yet, to maintain a superior stance when attempting to disengage from the spinning claws and dagger teeth that seem to yowl.


Yesterday, Saturday,  Oct. 26

  Roy felt woozy, started to lean, flung his arm out to catch a rafter, but lost consciousness so that his weight continued in the arc and all 6ft 4in. of him landed  face first (to the side on his cheekbone) on the edge of the cat food feeding can.  We were all afternoon-early night at the hospital getting sewed up and doing all sorts of tests.  Follow up testing is being scheduled and no driving and other cautions for … a while.  Classes of course continue.  We had a good ER doctor who took every symptom seriously.  There are some fairly benign possible causes and some quite serious possible causes that could all or individually have been the reason(s) for this incident and related disturbing symptoms …  which are to be investigated further.
I requested a plastic surgeon, who came right away even though not on call, to sew Roy up so the scarring should be minimal.  The ER (emergency room) doctor called the surgeon, personally, and he just happened to be not too far away.
I’m wondering:  If Roy had been turned in a different direction and landed in the cat’s litter box if it would have been a softer landing?
When we finally got home from the hospital, after eight hours, there  was barely enough time for me to go collect his North East Florida Fair entries which were supposed to be picked up during  the  three (or four?) hour time interval before midnight. The gates were being locked when I got there, even though I drove (fifth amendment invoked here) fast.  He won three Blue Ribbons (first place) and two Red (second place) .
Most of his woodworking tools, including those pictured, he makes himself.  Then the dimensions
and handles and types  of blades and chisels and gouges fit his own proportions and the needs of
the particular piece he is work on.
Roy says he wishes he had a better story to explain his stitches than “I fainted and fell in the cat food”.  To me, that is the best of the possible stories for this.

North East Florida Fair

Dear Son IV won three First Places (Blue Ribbon’s)  at the North East Florida Fair, this week.

One year he won Best Of Show, the biggest prize over all categories, plus the best of his

category.  A giant purple rosette with ribbon streamers was awarded when he was only nine.

Roy had  hammered a copper pipe into a copper sword  mounted it on a handle of his own

design and we entered it.

The water color parrot on the wall behind Roy won a First seven years ago.  I had trouble getting

him to stop long enough to snap the photo.  But his box didn’t move around at the fair.  I slipped

the hair ornament that he made for me in September into his collection of things to enter, so it

got entered, as well.  Blue Ribbon, of course.  He also had two Seconds, Red.  The third Blue, this year,

was a beautiful relief Pileated Woodpecker wood sculpture.  I was unable to get a good picture of it.

Art for my hair

Roy, Dear Son IV designed and whittled a hair clasp for my birthday, September 15.

Friday Visitors To Start The Weekend

While Dear Husband took a mini-vacation two of my Grandchildren spent the night with me.

Roy didn’t get to go to the beaches in Pensacola, either, as he needed to register for classes for the
fall semester. He’s having to competitively register in order to take sequential courses sequentially.
The process doesn’t seem to be any more streamlined than in the olden days.

But I had lots and lots of fun with these  little ones.

Roy and Poor Pitiful Patrick

Poor Patrick

     Dear Son IV  gave his poor pitiful  Patrick a bath.

     Roy has been trying patiently to teach me how to use my computer.

I wrote down most of the steps on how the picture came to be here

but not all.   Sigh.  I don’t know which ones are missing. I don’t know

what I am doing, and I am as uncomfortableas this wet cat doing whatever

it is I am doing.

     I feel like I am swimming in a lake on a moonless night (which I used to

enjoy), but also as if I were trying to read a book while swimming in a lake

on a moonless night.