Up Above My Head


Rhiannon Giddens
“Up Above My Head” from Rhiannon Giddens’ debut solo album, Tomorrow Is My Turn, out now on Nonesuch Records
Rhiannon writes of the Sister Rosetta Tharpe  UP ABOVE MY HEAD:
“Sister Rosetta Tharpe holds an important role in the evolution of American music; a great innovator, she not only unapologetically bridged the seemingly enormous chasm between secular and church music, she also helped pioneer the unique sound of rock-n-roll guitar. Her infectious spirit, impeccable musicality, and sheer joy in her faith are obvious in every recording and are a source of great inspiration.”Rhiannon Giddens



Maddie chose DEATH AND REBIRTH as the Music Theme for this week.
Johnny has chosen for the next music  theme: “All Guitar”, music centered around guitars.
SHE’S ALIVE … BEAUTIFUL … FINITE … HURTING … WORTH DYING FOR —  music by Armand Amar —  film footage from Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s  HOME http://www.homethemovie.org/ , also  Greenpeace and http://timescapes.org/  compiled by  Bittu Sahgal at  http://www.sanctuaryasia.com/
4min. 58sec.
Bittu Sahgal

Can light be born from darkness? Is it possible that we not will not be reborn in our present form?  Will life always be born again? Can spirit live without the familiar home?  Will death and rebirth always follow, one after the other?  Are there beings  who consider what the universe would be like without themselves in it? Would Earth be peaceful without human beings? Would the cycles of birth, death, rebirth continue, both violent and peaceful, without humans? Are predators innocent in their hunger?  Are there other being who feel guilt for living? Is there rebirth in being food? Are bodies and spirits returned to their component parts, reverberating with creation, to be reformed in infinite oscillating cycles?
LIGHT — Thin Red Line — Hans Zimmer — additional music by Klaus Badelt & John Powell, conducted and compiled by Gavin Greenaway and orchestrated by Bruce Fowler & Yvonne S. Moriarty.
7min. 17sec.
MAGICAL MADDIE♪Death & Rebirth – Music Theme
LISA OF THE LIGHT:  Music Theme – Death and Rebirth
JOHNNY WHO REMEMBERSMusic Theme – Death and Rebirth
Does love, in all it’s myriad aspects, change our perceptions of death and rebirth?
“Is it a mystery to live, or is it a mystery to die?”
SPANISH MARY –The New Basement Tapes — Rhiannon Giddens Live At Ricardo Montalban Theater — Lyrics by Bob Dylan
6min. 21sec.
Is it necessary to die in order to be reborn? Is it possible to be reborn within one lifetime? Is it possible to avoid death? Can death be postponed?  What reasons are there to postpone death?
DUEL WITH DEATH — Caótica Ana — Jocelyn Pook
2min. 34sec.
Can death be a comfort? Can death, itself, be an escape from intolerable circumstances? Can the thought of total annihilation be  soothing?  Is it more desirable to think of nothing, no after life, no rebirth, no enlightenment, no responsiblity, no existence, to be the void, without awareness forever? Is death complete and absolute, with nothing more?  Do sentient beings have a choice?
LONG BLACK DRESS — O Death – http://www.hauskonzerte.com
3min. 47sec.
What does it mean to be reborn? Do death and rebirth have the same meaning for everyone? Is there an endless cycle of death and life? Or does to be reborn mean to be spiritually cleansed? Is rebirth the same experience for everyone? Does rebirth happen in the same context for everyone?  Is spiritual purification possible for everyone? Does spiritual growth take place in one lifetime or many?  Have there been beings who have achieved perfect enlightenment, already? Have these Beings been reborn, over and over, by choice? Will they continue to be reborn yet again? Is it not possible for people to travel different life paths with different beliefs, and arrive at the same destination, merely having different descriptive words and rituals? Can anyone decide for another what is the best path to follow?
HALLELUJAH CHORUS — Georg Friedrich Händel, Messia —  Extra-Chor des Staatstheaters Wiesbaden –Projekt-Chor Johann-Strauss–Orchester — Johann-Strauss-Orchester Wiesbaden — Leitung: Herbert Siebert  http://www.johann-strauss-orchester-w…  — Weihnachtskonzert 19. Dezember 2010 — Wiesbaden, Kurhaus
4min. 05sec.
Have there been countless times of darkness with no life? Have these empty formless expanses already continued into the vastness beyond our awareness that ever will be and already existing before the conception of emptiness?
The First Book of Moses, Called Genesis
The Creation
1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
DAY ONE, DARK— Intersteller OST — Hans Zimmer
4min. 24sec.
Has there been already, in the time before our knowing, an infinity of rebirth through light and life from out of the void?
The First Book of Moses, Called Genesis
3 ¶ And God said, Let there be light: 2 Cor. 4.6 and there was light.
4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.
5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.
CHASE THE LIGHT – Amaria (Industry album) — Thomas Bergersen
4min. 24 sec.
Two Steps From Hell
Is it the Human Condition to never know anything for sure within the time of life on Earth? Must there always be an aspect of faith that we are even here together at all?

THE HUMAN CONDITION — Ամեն Հայր Սուրբ  — AMEN HAYR SOURP — Canticle of the Trinity – Songs From a World Apart –Lévon Minassian & Armand Amar — The Human Condition images created by Steve McCurry, video clip by Dijo Saochian
7min. 36sec.
Dijo Saochian

Is death always a tragedy? Can transcendent beauty be created from the death and suffering, to be enjoyed by others in this life? Are the arts an aspect of rebirth, every time work is created and enjoyed, over an over? Lies Renewed
REQUIEM — Mozart KV 626– Gregory Carreño — Simon Bolivar Orchestra of Venezuela
1hr. 17min. 12sec.
Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela
Simon Bolivar National Youth Choir of Venezuela
Samia Ibrahim, Soprano
Katiuska Rodriguez, Mezzo-Soprano
Robert Giron, Tenor
Alvaro Carrillo, Bass-Baritone
Gregory Carreño, Conductor
Sala Simón Bolívar, Centro de Acción Social por la Música


RIVER — Ibeyi Lisa-Kaindé — Naomi Diaz
3min. 46sec.

2min. 38sec.

LISA OF THE LIGHT chose DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE as the Music Theme for this week
GON’ LAY DOWN MY BURDEN, DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE  — The Carper Family — Red Tail Ring — The Foggy Hogtown — Bluegrass Jamboree

The Wonderful Willow has chosen the Music Theme for next week.  It  is THE EIGHTIES!  Hmmm, it was an era, but were you even born yet?  Do you remember life before birth?  What do THE EIGHTIES! signify to you?

Kuwômôyush k’hpáyash — Joanne Shenandoah
Peace and Power
3min. 28 sec.

When I was a child, no matter how far away we traveled, my Mother would always gather us children and return to Prairie Creek to renew herself.

Prairie Creek was a deep slow-moving black water river filled with alligators and sometimes choked with invasive hyacinths, gorgeous with their purple blooms and glossy green leaves. Prairie Creek was always changing, always beautiful, much like my Mother.

Mother loved this ancient river, not to swim in, not even to trail hands in, and never to get too close to the banks.  In those days alligators particularly liked dogs and children for snacks.  Alligators, over sixty years ago, were also bigger than they are now.  Mother loved Prarie Creek, partly because the river was dangerous, with its water moccasins and gar fish and alligators, and alligator snappers (turtles), but also there were good eating fish, beautiful birds, wonderful plants and trees.

After good rains the water was clear and we could see the waving grasses and sandy bottom. During drier times the water was a deep dark red with tannic acid.  Mother took us children in the row-boat, when we were small, and would drift and fish.  Or more usually she would row up river and drift back.   She loved that it was soothing, but also that she had to stay alert.

Sometimes Mother would  go alone at night to gig frogs, particularly dangerous as alligators, and most other predators, do most of their hunting at night, too.  The next day she would fry frogs legs.  I could never eat them as they looked too much like Little People, to me.
RIVER DANCE — Departum — Lisa Gerrard , Marcello De Francisci

Angie Fotopoulou
Perhaps Prairie Creek renewed us children as well as Mother?
3min. 58sec.

For my Mother the times she seemed most happy were in Grandfather’s row boat on Prairie Creek or sitting by a small fire at Little Bear Lake.   These few moments, of her too short life, were when I was allowed to see her True Self.
3min. 14sec.

I was qualified as a Life Saver, just before I turned twelve, yet I longed not to save my own life, but to stay forever beneath the deep water where no one could find me. I wanted to sleep forever with my green eyes eternally open watching green water flow, never again closed and vulnerable; my long hair tangled with water grasses, holding me, keeping me invisible, unreachable. Safe.
OPHELIA —Kula Shaker
3min. 09sec.

“…I will lay beside the river now,
Forever and a night
Forever and a night…”
I was taught as a child, when we lived “Out West” that if I should become lost, to go downhill until I found water, then to keep following the current down hill. I was not told that it is possible to be lost on the RIVER as well. Nor was I told that a RIVER might be more than a RIVER.
LOST ON THE RIVER –The New Basement Tapes — Rhiannon Giddens — Bob Dillon, Rhiannon Giddens, Marcus Mumford
3min. 48sec.

Much of the water in the world is now contaminated, not only with natural parasites and toxins, but also with human introduced chemical run-off and tailings from man-made industrial enterprises including factory farms, mining projects, radioactive waste and petro-chemicals and coal industry wastes, as well as with human bodily effluvia, medical waste, and even kitchen and household wastes of seven plus billion people.  In some monstrous cases the water has been deliberately poisoned.
DIRTY FILTHY SOUTH — Rising Apalachia — Leah Song — Chloe Smith — Scott McKibben Photography
3min. 43sec.

This song and video offer a lyrical analysis of our southern regions and the onslaught of environmental abuses laid onto sacred lands. The lyrics touch on the Gulf coast oil spill, Mountain top removal, and fracking, and beg the question WHY is this south is so “filthy Dirty”. This video is filmed in Lake Verett, LA, thanks to Eye of the Crow videography, and was designed in conjunction with the Gulf Restoration Network at http://www.heathygulf.org. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to learn about land restoration, and preservation.   Rising Appalachia
In the end, not my Mother, not her dreams, not her memories, not even her beloved sanctuary BESIDE THE RIVER survived.  Beautiful Prairie Creek is no longer pristine, it has been dammed and some areas are permanently flooded.  There are subdivisions with paved streets, street lights,  and two car garages, all THINGS Mother aspired to possess.  She achieved that aspiration, for a while, but it was as sweet as bitter ashes.
BITTER ASHES — Blood of Angels — Nox Arcana — Michelle Belanger
3min. 48 sec.

Standing here stripped of everything
I have lost my faith it’s all bitter ashes
Standing here as the waters rise
All my memories swirling down the gutter
“Won’t do me no good washin’ in the river …”
BARTON HOLLOW — Civil Wars — Joy Williams — John Paul White
4min. 14sec.

The RIVERSIDE has been built up with civilization and the rivers themselves savaged by humans, even as we humans savage ourselves.
BOAT TRIP TO NEW ORLEANS — Twelve Years A Slave (OST) — Hans Zimmer
5min. 15sec.

LISA OF THE LIGHT:  Music Theme – Down By The Riverside
MAGICAL MADDIE:    ♪”Down by the riverside” – Music Themes  
Now I shall pass over the RIVERSIDE out into the deep RIVER and
JOURNEY AWAY  —  Whale Rider (OST) — Lisa Gerrard
3min. 35sec.