This 2002 Norwegian adaption drama is available on You Tube in parts, but I watched it

via  Netflix,  for YT see below.  I enjoyed this flick, and the soundtrack.

For those watching movies with others or are concerned about such things,  there is nudity and  death.   All of the versions I found are in English.  Though the actors have various accents all had good diction so they could be easily understood.

I found this information in the comments:

“It is an international co-production. It has mostly Norwegian actors, along with Depardieu and Eccleston etc., the director is Danish and production is shared between many countries. The book is by a Norwegian writer and it takes place in Norway.”

From Me:

I am going to read the book from which the film was adapted:  DINA’S BOOK  by   Herbjorg Wassmo  translated from Danish to English by Nadia M. Christensen .  I hope to enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed OUT OF AFRICA  by   Isak Dinesen  (nome de plume  used by the Danish author Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke).

I did read in reviews and comments on Amazon that  the Kindle version sold on amazon has typos.  Dunno, myself, but I sure hope the print book doesn’t have typos.  Whereas I often don’t see my own typos, those in books glare at me and are disturbing.   You can tell which publishers edit with some sort of spell check and which publishers actually have human proof readers.

Dina’s Etude by  Marco Beltrami


I AM DINA    1 of 10  playlist   I watched the movie via Netflix, rather than this playlist by  marieccleston·