This roof compresses my pain
Too tight knotted freedom binds
The sitting ghost composes wishes
Shuts the door heavy everywhere
The anguish I cannot contain
Swims in a liquid sky
Escaping through windows
The burning meteor glass
Shatters in rising suns
What sorrow has come again
Having never dispersed
The war twists dancing
On one leg stork stepping
Is joy an illusion of the insane


How Can I Warm The Moon?

Cold darkness surrounds
Slipping inside my heart
My shivering mistaken for desire
Doubt hides in my discomfort
Sleep providing your heat
You turn away dreaming old hungers
It no longer matters
I return to my paints
Ouroboros becomes ice crystals
Encircling the half-moon
Dead leaves rattle
My bones rattle
Is my joy painted by memory
In one hand a paint brush
In one hand a gourd rattle
The rhythm calls me back
I have wandered too far
How can I warm the moon
My blood is cold wind
Bear … 01.02.2015