The Seventh Sky

There is a hole
That is the Seventh Sky
An empty space where
No visible stars shine
It is an open portal for
Love and hope all
Cosmic joy
To be endlessly reborn
And troublesome questions
About when and why
And pain and how die
Are left behind as
Nothing important
While all else sings
And dances
Glory be while passing
Through the vast empty
Space that is
The Seventh Sky
Bear … o8.31.2015


What Has Once Lived

Death is above me

Death is below me

Death is within me and

Death is all around

In the day I fight with Dark

In the night I fear the Light

My heart is Death

And my life is Pain

I shall live completely

Before I die

I have lived before

And I shall live again

I shall live this entire life

Until it is wrenched from me

Though I beg that boon

I also scream

So that no one will know

The words I whisper

Only the deaf hear me

And the blind see my soul

Those with no hands

Wipe the tears from my face

And the legless

Carry me dancing across the sky

What has once lived

Can never entirely die
Bear … 12.03.2014