What Lingers

Small remains
Lingering evidence
Strength of times
That have gone past
Of all the things
That have been made
And all the work
That has been done
It is only love
And that which is
Created with care
That I sadly wish
Could be enduring
As something to last
Would that harsh
Words of blame
Had never been cast
Bear … 03.02.2015

Inline image

The backside of an old bed-side rag rug I made from the scraps from a patchwork quilt, I stitched of the same colors, many years ago. Both were gifts to some seldom seen relatives.



Quilting progress, but not sew much

That Scorpio birthday Quilt is still not done. And it is almost Christmas. And a group of Capricorns and Aquarius birthdays are coming up. Aii yi yi. Two Daughters-in-law, Granddaughter(turning 13), Very Dear Step-mother, adult Step-daughter. And that is just immediate family, and I know I’m forgetting someone, and I need to check my “Birthday Book”.  I’m always behind…. Please note that is NOT all behind, but always behind.



OK Deborah, this “not sew much” is for you … sorry about the blurry picture. The photo reflects my state of mind. Blurry.