Caiman Invasion in Puerto Rico

Repeating Islands

Puerto Rico Catching _Grat (4)

When heavy rains begin to pelt a flood-prone neighborhood along Puerto Rico’s north coast, people start sharpening their knives and preparing their lassoes.

The floods herald the arrival of caimans, a close relative of the alligator, whose population has exploded in and around the lagoon next to Los Naranjos neighborhood in the coastal city of Vega Baja, the Associated Press reports.

The scaly reptiles have been spotted prowling around schools and crawling into flooded yards after rains, causing both widespread panic and curiosity in the community.

Calls to government officials to help catch the reptiles and take measures to prevent further flooding have been futile. So now, the residents of Los Naranjos have been forced to face their fears and become caiman catchers themselves in this community of scarce resources where some still ride horses bareback as transportation. Among the rudimentary equipment at their disposal: Wire, duct tape and metal…

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