2012: A Deadly Year for Environmentalists

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With activists killed in Brazil, Cambodia, the Philippines, and elsewhere, 2012 may have been the worst year yet for violence against those working to protect the environment. So far, little has been done to halt this chilling development.

by Fred Pearce / Yale Environment 360

Where is Sombath Somphone? With every day that passes, the fate of one of Southeast Asia’s most high-profile environmental activists, who was snatched from the streets of Laos in December, becomes more worrisome.

His case has been raised by the State Department and countless NGOs around the world. But the authorities in Laos have offered no clue as to what happened after Sombath was stopped at a police checkpoint on a Saturday afternoon in the Lao capital of Vientiane as he returned home from his office. It looks increasingly like state kidnap — or worse, if recent evidence of the state-sponsored killings of environmental campaigners…

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Oh Damn: Don’t Frack My Mother the Music Video

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Oh damn yall, Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono, Wilco, and lots of other diverse and sundry hippy-type-creatures just released a new Anti-Fracking and Pro-Momma song sure to get you hummin’ and knee slappin’ pissed about poly-nuclear-aromatic-hydrocarbons in your water. Give it a listen then get out there and do something for momma!

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Human chain blocks Dresden neo-Nazi march on firebombing’s anniversary

Piazza della Carina

Human chain blocks Dresden neo-Nazi march on firebombing’s anniversary

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Over 13,000 anti-Nazi protesters have formed a human chain in the center of Dresden, Germany to block the neo-Nazi march, which assembles annually to mark the anniversary of the allied bombing of the city in 1945, and spread extremist ideology.

­Around three thousand officers are policing the parallel processions. No clashes were reported between the two groups.

Wednesday’s demonstration for the ultra-right marks  the 68th anniversary of the bombing against the civilian population.  The neo-Nazis condemn the allied actions in the final months of World War II and claim the bombings to be war crimes.

Activists that oppose them, say that the neo-nazi march insults the memory of some 25,000 victims that died from the bombs. A number of high-profile politicians including parliamentary deputy president Wolfgang Thierse and Saxony’s state premier Stalislaw Tillich took part in the human…

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