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Sometime in the early 1990s I saw Nelson Mandela as a guest on Sesame Street.  I have hunted and hunted but have been, thus far, unable to find the episode. I also saw a link on You Tube  on the same page as the Stevie Wonder Sesame Street superstition video, months ago, but have been unable to retrieve it.  Perhaps it has been pulled, or googly associations and links profiles are too googly for me to find what I want.  The googly “suggestions” are always wrong.    For advertisements, a year or so ago I was able to access the “profile” that had been compiled of me.  I am an 85 year old Republican Male.  Hahahaha.   Anyway, dunno how to find this video.  If anyone runs across a link, please post it in the comments.  Purty please.   Thank you.  Bear


Nelson Mandela’s Life and Times in Photographs

Nelson Mandela’s Life and Times in Photographs  . [National Geographic]

Nelson Mandela Life -  Nelson Mandela photograph of January 2006

Nelson Mandela’s Life Story (2011)   short documentary


Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom – Official Trailer


“Invictus” – Official Trailer


Reconciliation: Mandela’s Miracle – Trailer




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am so glad that someone is paying attention at last. I’ve worked with visual impairments and audial. Of the two I observed that hearing impaired is more isolating than being blind. Besides which, middle ear infections are terribly painful. And any chronic infection is debilitating to the entire body, as well as the spirit. Kudos to Dr. Kong.