Sweet Potatoes in February

Night has fallen
There’s a cold
Pouring rain
All around inside me
Is sadness and pain
Dark swirl into night
With a myth
That is warm
Serve fresh hot bread
With olives and cheese
Hot sweet potatoes
Remind of the sun
Create light laughter
Pretend it is fun
Remember remember
You make up the rest
There is love in the act
Only reply with gentle tact
Treat as a patient
Courteously serve
Expectations quite rigid
Wants grab at my hands
Hurt taking my heart
Everyone needs
While trying to hide
Sly gimmies are signaled
With subdued greed
I’ve drawn on more than
What I have left
There’s the Piper to pay
Due any day
The messenger’s here
With private pains full of fear
I humbly ask
Let me finish my task
Until they are stable
I beg please oh please
Let me be able
Only the soundless
Word song is mine
I dance to my no tune
And that is just fine.
Bear … 02.06.2014.

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