Toxic Grin

The rivers are dead
And sky has turned red
Hungry ghosts howl and
Are begging to be fed
Cherubim suckle on
Zinc white painted lead
All has become as the
Henna haired seer said
There is no pillow
To rest your foolish head
You must share the
The poisoned dreams
Slumbering in the
Animas river-bed
And when all waters
Have withered and dried
You will find that
Your ancestors came this
Way before they died
Bear… 08.11.2015


Mercury and Selenium are Accumulating in the Colorado River Food Web of the Grand Canyon

Posted: 19 Aug 2015 10:24 AM PDT  Summary: Although the Grand Canyon segment of the Colorado River features one of the most remote ecosystems in the United States, it is not immune to exposure from toxic chemicals such as mercury according to newly published research in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry


Toxic Fallout Continues as Colorado Mine Spill Declared Three Times Larger Than Stated

Goose Lake Dries Up


The Usual — The Expected

I have been sacrificed on your makeshift
Alter of Indifference and Unaware
Offered my yet beating heart to the
Great Deity of Important Personal Interests
That you say feed your soul because
You need to have something important
To make it all worthwhile.
Accepted, my heart’s been chopped up
For nothing, or maybe plastic and
Styrofoam, food substitutes, and diesel fuel.
I am becoming nothing, worth nothing, not much left,
Just a bunch of rotting nothing.
Nothing else is so unsightly as the usual,
The expected trivia of an old woman’s pain.
Our Mother Earth, we women do understand. We have all been
accepted on the same alter.
Bear … 03.24.2014
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