A Guinarona Story (4)

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Formal, Sweet and Impish

She was all three, our Auntie Tancing was. She was Father’s first cousin and our Grade IV teacher. And what a teacher she was: We were wondering if she took pleasure in hitting our heads with the knuckles of her clenched fist. That is, at the first sign of our being dense, i.e. not knowing the answer to a question. Yes, everybody got his/her head hit. The other punishment that she would mete out was to pull our side burns to the point of our scalp levitating. Argh.

She was a mainstay at our house for every function and the preparations thereto. We would watch in amazement at how skillful she was at churning out sweet things: muffins, kurukod, suman, moron and our favorite coconut sweet of varying colors. She was Father’s favorite cousin, obviously.

Although she was a blood relative, we held her at a…

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