Little Green Bird

A small Green Bird
Lives on this mountain,
Flitting about,
From pine tree to bush.
With one bright eye,
Then the other,
Little Green Bird
Carefully studied me.
It is you, little Green Bird,
With your lovely plumes,
And friendly glance,
Who are the rare encounter.
Why did you linger,
Coming closer when I laughed?
Such a funny little bird,
You tiny warbling green beauty.
Bear … o9.02.2015



The little fellow I saw was a definite green, a pine green,  greener than the guide illustrations.   Not only did he have a personality, he had a sense of humor.

Pine Warbler   Audubon Guide to North American Birds

Songs and Calls

Musical and somewhat melancholy, a soft, sweet version of the trill of the Chipping Sparrow.

Audio © Lang Elliott, Bob McGuire, Kevin Colver, Martyn Stewart and others.








Piliated Woodpecker


Piliated Woodpecker or, as Willow taught me, dicky bird.

Piliated Woodpecker, there actually are two, one is behind the tree, being coy ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014 2014

Piliated Woodpecker, there actually are two, one is behind the tree, being coy ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014

As soon as I looked down, the second bird flew away.  I think the one I could see told the other one I wasn’t looking, for that tiny instant.  Sub-audial?  Bird sign-language? Dunno, but something.

When standing on the ground, so that the length of their legs can be seen, and they are balanced at a  different angle, they are quite dinosaur appearing.

ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014




Naughty Pileated Woodpecker

The 5/8 Bees don’t actually do damage, but the hungry Pileated Woodpecker, hunting for tasty tidbits, does. I caught this one pecking on the fascia boards. When he noticed me, he flew away, but I could hear him again, from inside the house, a few minutes later. The fascia board is 2″X 8″ so you can tell the size of this Woodpecker. He is small for his species, so is perhaps young or a she.    ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014

Pileated Woodpecker
5/8 BEE 

Dutch Amsterdam feral parakeets

Dear Kitty. Some blog

Once more, about the feral parakeets in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

This morning, the city ecologist said there are now about 3,000 ring-necked parakeets, and 100 Alexandrine parakeets in Amsterdam.

This is a video of a ring-necked parakeet nest in the Vondelpark, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In autumn and (early) winter, ring-necked parakeets gather in big flocks of hundreds or thousands of birds to sleep together in trees. Now, these flocks are getting smaller; as ring-necked parakeets nest early. They are dispersing to find good nesting sites.

This video is about ring-necked parakeets and Alexandrine parakeets in the Oosterpark in Amsterdam.

Alexandrine parakeets are about 10cm bigger than ring-necked parakeets. They also have bigger bills and darker neck-rings.

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