Mysterious April

While the swamps of north east Florida are always mysterious, dawn is particularly so, as this photo from 2013 attests.

Mystery  Dawn In  April ⓒBearspawprint2013

Mystery Dawn In April ⓒBearspawprint2013



Night In The Woods

There is much
I cannot see
Awake night
Trees watching
Stars mists
Images free
Beyond human senses
Movement presence
Felt as soft flutters
Wings in the air
The touch of Angels
The kisses of fairies
All seems still
And silent
Filter Night
Only shadows
Tiny songs
Insinuate more
Bear … 03.16.2015

Night  ⓒBearspawprint2015   03.15.2015

Night ⓒBearspawprint2015 03.15.2015


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The humidity was causing bits of condensation on the lens that caught the flash. “Lens flares”, Roy tells me they are called. Not orbs. Sigh. Huck, Dear Son II, has seen orbs and other phenomena, in these woods, and elsewhere. I’ve seen some interesting things also. Do hope these Lens Flares don’t mind being called Lens Flares. In another image, Roy thought it was the moon. Nope. Not the moon. On the wrong side of the foliage on an overcast night. I meant to place that image where I could easily find it, so it is therefore in an unknown file. Dunno where it is. I’m too tired to hunt anymore now. Later. It is time for Night Creatures, like me, to rest for a little while. Good Morning.