The Star Song of Childhood

“Sharon!!  Would you PLEASE STOP banging on

that piano and SCREAMING!!!”  That was my Mother’s

response to my early musical aspirations.  Grandmother

sighed with relief as my rehearsal was interrupted. 

No one seemed to realize that all I needed was a better

composition.  Something more grand to showcase the

richness, the range, the magnificence of my coloratura. 


Piano as percussion is something that four year olds understand. 

I could hear the thunder of the tympani,  the sweet agony of the

violins, and I was doing quite nicely, thank you, at representing

the swell of the choral voice.  Why couldn’t any one else hear the



What a bother to be so misunderstood.  I had to acquiesce

to people who could not even hear the glory of the Stars sing. 

Not even at dusk as the Evening Star rose with her solo as all else

fell silent.  I would hear the sweet Star Song.   And as darkness

allowed all of the other Stars to voice a prelude to their

appearance in the night sky. “Sharon!!!  Close that door!!

You’re letting the mosquitoes in!!!”



ⓒ Bearspawprint 2013