Do You Remember?

Winter rain falling,
Heavy, on the metal roof,
Brings back memories.
Bear … 4January2020

Tom Hobson Winked

For my mother
To return,
I saw a man
Wearing a
Coon skin hat,
The coon tail
down his back.
That had been
A big coon,
Bigger than my dog.
The man was
All gnarled,
And appeared to
Have been formed
From tree branches
Rather than flesh.
He did not speak,
But passed by
In silence.
His shoeless feet
Grasping the ground
As would tree roots.
Each step secure
And permanent
Until in the instant
He moved on.
Just before
He disappeared
In the fog,
He turned
And looked directly
At me,
Then he grinned
And winked.
Bear … 12.28.2015


Bear Remembers: Coon Skin Hats

When I was little,
My mother had a friend
Who never wore shoes
In Florida,
Between Arcadia
And Punta Gorda,
Where we lived.
His feet
Were so tough
That snakes
Couldn’t bite him.
And smilax
And cacti
Were not worth
Bothering about.
I think his
Welcome mat
Was woven
Barbed wire.
Mother knew
Where his
Still was hidden.
Tom Hobson
Made coon skin hats
For my brothers
And me.
I wore mine
Most of the time,
But my little brother,
Billy, wore his
ALL of the time.
Bear … 12.27.2015

Barbed Wire  ⓒBearspawprint2015

Barbed Wire ⓒBearspawprint2015



What Lingers

Small remains
Lingering evidence
Strength of times
That have gone past
Of all the things
That have been made
And all the work
That has been done
It is only love
And that which is
Created with care
That I sadly wish
Could be enduring
As something to last
Would that harsh
Words of blame
Had never been cast
Bear … 03.02.2015

Inline image

The backside of an old bed-side rag rug I made from the scraps from a patchwork quilt, I stitched of the same colors, many years ago. Both were gifts to some seldom seen relatives.