North East Florida Fair

Dear Son IV won three First Places (Blue Ribbon’s)  at the North East Florida Fair, this week.

One year he won Best Of Show, the biggest prize over all categories, plus the best of his

category.  A giant purple rosette with ribbon streamers was awarded when he was only nine.

Roy had  hammered a copper pipe into a copper sword  mounted it on a handle of his own

design and we entered it.

The water color parrot on the wall behind Roy won a First seven years ago.  I had trouble getting

him to stop long enough to snap the photo.  But his box didn’t move around at the fair.  I slipped

the hair ornament that he made for me in September into his collection of things to enter, so it

got entered, as well.  Blue Ribbon, of course.  He also had two Seconds, Red.  The third Blue, this year,

was a beautiful relief Pileated Woodpecker wood sculpture.  I was unable to get a good picture of it.