While I Was Away …


While I was away ... ⓒBearspawprint2015

While I was away … ⓒBearspawprint2015

Blevin’s Gap





Little Green Bird

A small Green Bird
Lives on this mountain,
Flitting about,
From pine tree to bush.
With one bright eye,
Then the other,
Little Green Bird
Carefully studied me.
It is you, little Green Bird,
With your lovely plumes,
And friendly glance,
Who are the rare encounter.
Why did you linger,
Coming closer when I laughed?
Such a funny little bird,
You tiny warbling green beauty.
Bear … o9.02.2015



The little fellow I saw was a definite green, a pine green,  greener than the guide illustrations.   Not only did he have a personality, he had a sense of humor.

Pine Warbler   Audubon Guide to North American Birds

Songs and Calls

Musical and somewhat melancholy, a soft, sweet version of the trill of the Chipping Sparrow.

Audio © Lang Elliott, Bob McGuire, Kevin Colver, Martyn Stewart and others.







Rising Grandmother

Grandmother is rising
She transforms me
Into shadows amongst
Other shadows shifting
Owls call disturbing voles
Frogs sing of the recent rain
Dogs are barking at nothing
Barking at breezes and movement
Moonlight and shadows
Ephemeral as a life once lived
Now carried as a burden
Weariness lives in my hair
Though I cut most of it off
The weight of white shimmering
Is heavy heavy so heavy
I pretend to watch
Where are my feet lead me
I heard an old man say please
I saw in the moonlight
Arrogance and ignorance
Holding tight together
As Grandmother passed
They resolved into
Something else a widow-maker
Or perhaps nothing
The misty ancient please winks
Brightening passing clouds
Moisture drips slowly
From the points of pine needles
Bear … o8.29.2015

Grandmother’s Light

Grandmother Moon rises
Smiling behind
My small mountain
I look away towards
Your flickering valley
Arms spread
My puny shadow grows
Becoming a forest
Concealing the game trail
In the far distance
The Tennessee River
Shines blue moonlight
I move forward
Towards the west
Blind feet stepping
Into mysteries chosen
Path revealed as
Grandmother arcs
Across the Virgo night
No longer dark
Bear … o8.29.2015