Forever Arriving

My desperate
Seeking is
Navigator of the
Night flight
Flying songline
Star reckoning
Horizon receding
Truth into being
There is no dawn
As my arms beseech
The space between
Your empty dreams
My westward sky
Whirling voyage
To nowhere
I am forever
Agawela Bear … 07.14.2016


There Goes the GPS — 1945 and Now — Geomagnetic Storm

“S___ (My given name starts with S ),
Thanks for calling. My computer is sill in the shop, so I am using
Louise’s lap top. Your connection was a real roller coaster in volume!
It was difficult to get a full sentence. I guess the storm is working
it’s magic on the wires. When I flew across the Atlantic Ocean in
1945, the whole northern hemisphere was a bright green. I needed three
stars 120 degrees apart to get a good position, but the Aurora blanked
out all the stars to the north! I had to settle for three stars only
30 degrees apart to the southern hemisphere. But that worked and I
stayed on the proper course to arrive on time at the exact right spot
in Scotland  …….

….  Dad”