Just Too Pretty To Pass By

In order to keep ahead of the parade, on May Day, so I could take pictures of the FRONT of the my husband as he participated in his first parade, I had to run and cut through side streets.  The problem was that I couldn’t seem to bypass all of the other things that were just too pretty, too pretty for me to pass by without appreciating.   I really had to sprint to get back to the starting point before the parade.  Who knew they would move along so fast?

With rain having fallen heavily most of the day, the light was gorgeous when the clouds finally went out to sea.  Here is a sample of a few of the wonderful things I saw.  I also saw sea-gulls, churches, sky, more sky, clouds, beautiful people, interesting people, children, other buildings, more plants, gorgeous trees …. but I missed most of the parade by staying in front of it.  I did get photos of groups forming up to march, but sixty out of the seventy, or so, group participants were behind the veterans.

These photos are from Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida.


High Water

I was standing close to the back of the water curve, between the two trees, pictured in the photo below, to take some of the “Rainy Day Walk” photos.

ⓒ Bearspawprint  2014

ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014


There was no light rain to keep the skeets away, yesterday evening, while I was snapping photos. With all of the high water, those little whiners are quite happy, so are the crawdads.  If I want the light to reflect across the water’s surface I have to wait until early evening.  Earlier in the day the light is not right, the water under the trees appears only as darkness.  I suspect that someone informed the mosquitoes ahead of time.

I saw the wake of something BIG swim away, but I didn’t see what it was.

Whenever the floods go down, the land is  different.  15 years ago there was a deep ravine and a high sandy dry place beside it, in front of where the swing is pictured, that was  the shortest route to walk to a sandy swimming beach with nice willows for sitting in to picnic.   It was about 1/4 mile to the river.   That changed, and changes again every year.   By observing the still appearing surface you cannot tell that some places are 20 ft., and more, deep, and some are only 2 ft.   The current is also not apparent on the placid surface, but follows the unknown, changing contours of the hidden muddy ground .




Crawdad Hole – DOC WATSON