Yesterday, I made a pie.

I cut the pie into quarters, intending for Roy to get one half and Corky to get one half.

When cleaning up, later in the evening, I looked at the pie. There were one quarter and one eighth slices left.

They each said they did NOT make any additional cuts or slices to the pie. Roy told me he had eaten least half.
Corky told me he ate one quarter.

How can that be?

In the morning, Corky ate all that was left.

I am pretty sure I made a pie with only four quarters, not a pie with nine eighths.


Agawela August 14, 2017


Dark October Night

Last Night the temperature dropped quickly and a light mist fell.  All the woods where shrouded

in mystery.  Yet, here and there, tiny, tiny  Faerie lights sparked, red, blue, green, white, yellow.

I wasn’t sure the camera would catch them, but I was pleased to see that a few are visible.  I think

the floating bubbles, (more in images I didn’t post) are merely condensation instead of orbs.  However

there were some actual glowing things sort of floating, of which one yellow is caught in an image, that

I could not see clearly with the mist and dark.  I used the flash for all of these pictures.  The night was

quite dark so that I wasn’t sure that the bits of color and sparks were not my own visual anomalies.