Canadian farmer: “Coexistence is not possible.”

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The Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser was sued by the agricultural company Monsanto for illegaly using genetically manipulated rapeseed. Schmeiser fights back by claiming that pollen of bordering fields contaminated his fields.

foodwatch: Since when do Canadian farmers grow genetically manipulated seed and how popular is it?

Schmeiser: The regulatory approval was given for the introduction of genetically manipulated organisms (GMOs) in Canada in 1996. There were two crops: Canola (rapeseed) and soybeans. In the United States at the same time there was corn (maize) and cotton. In Canada now there is no pure rapeseed left. It is all now contaminated with GMOs and the same with soybeans. It’s very difficult to say how many hectares have been actually seeded with GMOs, but as mentioned, the actual production of all rapeseed has some GMOs in it. There is no such thing as co-existence or containment as we have found out.


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