BEAR: I have been thinking about the beauty of the Golden Rule.

BUMP ONNA LOG: Don’t tell me about the Golden Rule. I already know the Golden Rule. I learned it in Sunday School. I know I can never be a perfect as you are, but I do follow the Golden Rule. Not like you, with your all the time yammering. I don’t go to church or profess my beliefs, but I do follow the Golden Rule. For example, I don’t talk to you because I don’t want you to be jabbering at me.

BEAR: I am so glad that you are keeping thoughts of goodness and reciprocity in the fore of your mind. The Golden Rule is an important premise of guidance for daily behavior. However, sometimes, I am concerned that, maybe, you don’t really want those closest to you to treat you as you treat them.

BUMP ONNA LOG: Well see, this how I know I am better than you. I don’t have  that misgiving.

I know that if I  treat MYSELF as I want others to treat me, then  I make it easy for everyone. Those close to me don’t have to decide if they want to share with me. They just do.  It all works out for the best.  I’m setting a good example of how to behave properly towards me.

I always make sure my own needs and my own wants are cared for first. I don’t have to think about it.  I KNOW that I am important, and that I am loved, so everyone wants ME to have what I want. If my family sacrifices for me to be able to do what I want, that is because I am helping them to be generous by just taking the best and biggest, the heart out of the middle, first. That way nobody has to be concerned about it or worry about if they are sharing enough with me.  And I don’t have to be concerned if I am fair or too greedy, because I always have what I want, and sharing the rest (well, if there is any) is easy.

I wouldn’t want anything if, on some level, I didn’t NEED it. If I want it, I NEED it. So it is, by my rights, owed to me. I follow the rules, especially the Golden Rule. If there are any left-overs, that I am not saving for personal reasons, I’ll let those I want to know, know.  And if they can justify their begging to my satisfaction, of course I’ll dole out enough that I know I am still the better person. After all, I am the adult, I am a responsible person.

BEAR: Do you conceal largesse?

BUMP ONNA LOG: Of course. It is only sensible, I might want something tomorrow!! I have my own ongoing needs, so it is only wise to be prepared. I’m doing my family a favor by keeping their begging to a minimum. That way I don’t have to constantly be reminded of chronic problems, and they don’t have to be humiliated.

BEAR: I don’t think I can talk about The Golden Rule with you, just now.

BUMP ONNA LOG: Good.  You talk in gibberish, anyway.  Blah blah blah with all your busy-body nosy questions.

Bear … 04.28.2014

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Matthew 7:12 KJV
12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.


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