TIME — Music Themes

Fairy Tale — Secret Garden
How is TIME measured in the realm of dreams and wishes  and  Once Upon a TIME?
3min. 30sec.

Lisa chose the music theme TIME for this week, which she posted in a TIMELY manner on her blog, giving us all plenty of TIME to prepare.
What TIME existed in the TIME before TIME?
BEFORE TIME — Sun — Thomas Bergersen
2min. 20sec.

DREAMTIME — Makara Seven Sisters
TIME is a cone spreading infinitely outward from any chosen starting point until it folds back outward onto its self, encompassing all other times and the time within the cone all simultaniosly.

MOTHER OF TIMES — Hagalaz’ Runedance — Andrea Nebel
All TIMES have their source. The source is Mother.
4min. 25 sec.

AFRAID OF TIME — Interstellar — Hans Zimmer
2min. 32sec.

KORPPI — Suden AIKA  — Katariina Airas,  Liisa Matveinen,  Tellu Turkka, Nora Vaura
In the TIME of the wolf, the TIME of the raven, the TIME of all creatures not taught to measure TIME, is TIME perceived differently? If perceived differently is TIME’S essence the same? Does TIME become a dimension?
Suden AIKA = TIME of The Wolf   Korppi = raven
3min. 55sec.

ONCE UPON A TIME — Dreams And Imagination — Two Steps From Hell
Can there be a TIME without measurement? Does measuring TIME change the nature of its passing?  Does TIME even pass, at all, without measurement?
5min. 54 sec.

THE HOME THAT I WILL NEVER SEE  —  Hagalaz’ Runedance — Andrea Nebel
NEVER is a A TIME that cannot be.
4min. 22sec.

Vast forests with evergreen trees
Foggy hills the eye can see
The wind sweeps through a valley
That lies by the deep blue sea

A village from another TIME
Awakens with the misty dawn
This is my home my mind shows me
The home that I will never see

Small houses, carved in dragonheads and runes
The smell of tar and burning wood
Men and women breathe their souls to their craft
Some dancing to the lyre’s tunes

A young man wraps his arms round me
One dancing flame we came to be
The only vows I chose to know
This is the place I call my home

Oh, the vision tortures me
I will never really see
I will never smell its smell
Nor touch the face of my loved one

My village by the deep blue sea
Today an ugly factory
Oh, why has it become my fate?
That I am here one thousand years too late
THE WORMHOLE — Interstellar — Hans Zimmer
1min. 30sec.

Wormhole Time Travel – The Anderson Institute
“Since the 1930’s, physicists have speculated about the existence of “wormholes” in the fabric of space. Wormholes are hypothetical areas of warped spaceTIME … ”
Johnny: Music Theme – Time | johnny ojanpera

Willow:     Willow

Kate:   Kate
The Music Theme for next week is  WINTER SOLSTICE.
Winter solstice – northern and southern – Time and Date
http://www.timeanddate.com › Sun & Moon
“Northern Hemisphere winter solstice. (North America, Central America, Europe, Asia, Northern Africa). December solstice 2014: December 21, at 23:03 UTC. …”
LABYRINTH — Hagalaz’ Runedance — Andrea Nebel
Den Pfad, begraben von der ZEIT  = The path, buried by TIME
4min. 02sec.

Ein heimlich Ort hab ich geseh’n
Im Walde schlafend die Steine steh’n
Der Nachtgesang hat mich hingeführt

Verwunschner Baum den Blicke fängt
Ein Raunen im verwachs’nem Geäst
Unterm Stamm, such unterm Stamm

Grabe mit den Händen aus
Der Erdmann klettert selbst heraus
Er weiß den Weg zum Labyrinth

Ei, da siehst du staunend an
Die Geister des Waldes erwachen dann
Kennst du’s Rätsel? Frag’n sie an

Dort der Pfad zur steinernen Tür
Die uralte Weisheit liegt vor dir
Dein Geiste ist der Schlüssel zu ihr

Im Traume, du erinnerst Dich
Kehrt zurück dein wahres ich
Verloren einst im Labyrinth

Verschlossen hab’n sie die steinerne Tür
Den Pfad, begraben von der ZEIT
Such in dir, mach frei die Tür