OVERCOMING — Music Themes

LISA OF THE LIGHT chose OVERCOMING as the Music Theme for this Week.
The Music Theme for next week is  HIDDEN.
Is it always right to overcome  perceived obstacles by permanently moving or destroying them?  What if the obstacles are put in place by Creator and are aspects of our Mother’s Beauty? What if the obstacles to progress are nature itself?  What if such obstacles are, for example, mountain tops?  What if choosing the wrong obstacles to overcome equals the death of joy?  Can People live without joy? Does not the beauty of Earth protect us from despair? How will future generations overcome despair if the beauty of nature is destroyed? Why do we toil and labor to create ruin?
MOVING MOUNTAINS — Two Steps From Hell – Thomas Bergersen
3min. 04sec.
Nevlamas . s
Wherein shall future children dwell if People fail to learn how to overcome the corruption that may yet be the undoing of humans?
11min. 55sec.
Is overcoming evil a constant process against something formless and insidious, seductive?  Is evil only recognizable in overt violence? Can evil overcome the natural reticence of good people disguising itself in something as basic as learned attitudes and religion and traditions or perhaps as complicated as misinformation and the hidden meanings of language and myth or even a desire for revolution and change for the sake of ideology? What is required for people to overcome the desire to see only what is wished?
MERMAIDS — Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides — Hans Zimmer
8min. 04sec.
What broken hearts and hidden fears, what guilt and bitterness, what infirmities and pain, must People  overcome in order live? Is such courage always  discernible  by others? Are courage, spiritual strength,  fearlessness , and confidence, all the same qualities?  Can private grief ever be fully overcome? Is every act of care, every expression of love, every touch, an act of willful overcoming?
OF LOVE UNDONE — Twilight Kingdom — Lisa Gerrard — Marcello De Francisci
3min. 44sec.
All People wrestle to overcome daemons  whatever forms they may manifest. And sometimes daemons must be fed to keep them quiet.
DAEMONOS —  ΔΑΊΜΟΝΟΣ  — Daemonia Nymphe
2min. 44sec
Raynevious Channel
LISA OF THE LIGHT: Music Theme – Overcoming
JOHNNY:  Johnny
MADELINE: ♪Overcome – Music Themes
The applause at the end of this 2 Cellos video clip never fails to help me overcome a disgruntled mood by putting everything back in perspective.
One of my Little Brothers once told me  “If you want your message to be heard, you must speak to your audience’s listening.” He explained to me that I needed to say what I wanted heard, in such a way that it could be perceived from the point of view of the listener whose hearing was obstructed by their own prejudiced personal understanding.
THUNDERSTRUCK – by AC/DC  — Arranged & perfprmed by 2Cellos — Luka Sulic – Stjepan Hauser
4min. 58sec.



The Wife

All his words of love were lies
She became her husband’s trophy prize
Eternal promises crossed his lips
Betrayal was hidden in his sparkling eyes
Truth unveiled tears and rips
She became her husband’s trophy prize
All his words of love were lies
Bear … 02.20.2015
ⓒBearspawprint 2015
en français
Tous ses mots d’amour étaient des mensonges
Elle est devenue trophée récompense de son mari
Promesses éternelles franchi ses lèvres
Trahison était caché dans ses yeux pétillants
Vérité dévoilée accrocs et les déchirures
Elle est devenue trophée récompense de son mari
Tous ses mots d’amour étaient des mensonges
Bear … 02.20.2015
ⓒBearspawprint 2015

It Is Enough

In weary pain,
I wake from
No sleep.
My body
Cold sweat,
Silent, through
Screaming pores.
Grey dawn mists
Slowly drift
Revealing only
More pain.
The night’s
Are to be worn
Beneath my skin,
Wild with mad
Gyrating cilia.
In my little
Corner room,
With books
I vainly try
To quit my
Groans and cries.
If I relax
This tension
Forcing movement,
I shall fall back
Into  the wailing
Of agonies,
Which is the
Night I carry
As flesh.
There is no one
To hear,
But the dogs,
Always listening
With heart, hear me,
And whimper.
I force myself
Into quiet.
How can
My skin
The living thorns,
Burning nettles,
The hellish dance
Of damned
Wasps stinging,
Fiery welts
Visible only through
Demyelinated nerves?
How conceal
The crawling ants,
And fleas biting,
Biting everywhere,
The tiny piranhas
Chewing my legs,
My face, my arms,
And my broken back?
I am clothed
In shimmering
Veils of pain.
I brush pain
Through my hair,
Parting grief
And sorrow
To be a silvered
Plait of endurance.
Can this puny neck
Hold such a
Burdensome head?
Will my smile
Crack my aged
Screaming mask?
From what well may I
Replenish strength?
There is a child
Who needs to know
She is wonderfully made.
She needs to know
She is joy to my eyes.
It is love
That animates
My creaking body.
It is love that
Smoothes my
Frantic grimacing
Into gentle
Smiling serenity.
There is a small child
Waiting for
Her happy Granny,
A Granny
Always delighted
To see her.
With dancing eyes,
And sparkling joy,
That laughing,
Strong, cuddly
Granny, full of fun,
Is me,
It is love
That replenished
My strength.
It is love that
Puts the sparkle
In my eyes,
And is love
That allows
Me to laugh,
If only for
A little while.
It is enough
To know a small
Child’s smile.
Bear … 01.13.2015

Gentle Geneviève


Why can

There not

Be love


Heart break,

The million

Small deaths

Before death?


Why must

Joy be


By sorrow?


Must we



On the same

Path leading

Home to

The abyss?


There is

No safety,

Even in the

Heart of

True love.






The veil.


Bear — January 8, 2015

There is No More Warmth

My wailing
Is only wind
Not empty music
You can hear
No Doppler
Siren song
No melodic
As I pass
There is no
No rhythmic
Drumming heart
Dearest Beloved
Should you happen
To listen
Now when
There are
No more words
To be said
You will hear
The same thoughts
Inside your head
As you have
Always heard
While you are
Turning away
I and all
My words
And thoughts
And music
I and my damaged
Heart and
My fears and tears
Forever unheard
Are howling
Shrieking gales
My body once
Warm with love
Is no more
Than a
Cold winter’s
Whistling winds
So lonesome
So hopeless
Hollow veins
Bear … 01.05.2015


Eats The Heart

What sort of being,
Eats the Heart,
And destroys all else?
Does this being,
Desire only the Heart,
To fill an empty maw?
When Heart has been eaten,
Does beauty have meaning?
Is love only refuse?
What sort of being,
Converts all to garbage,
Save the Heart consumed?
What is left of Spirit
When the Center
Has been gnawed?
Are loving
Voided without Heart?
The Heart given freely
Is swallowed, just as surely
As a Heart stolen by charm.
I found, hidden,
Veiled in my sorrow,
My lovers secret name.
The true name,
I have married, is
Eats the Heart.
Bear — 12.20.2014