What Has Once Lived

Death is above me

Death is below me

Death is within me and

Death is all around

In the day I fight with Dark

In the night I fear the Light

My heart is Death

And my life is Pain

I shall live completely

Before I die

I have lived before

And I shall live again

I shall live this entire life

Until it is wrenched from me

Though I beg that boon

I also scream

So that no one will know

The words I whisper

Only the deaf hear me

And the blind see my soul

Those with no hands

Wipe the tears from my face

And the legless

Carry me dancing across the sky

What has once lived

Can never entirely die
Bear … 12.03.2014


Gettting Old Again

There is nothing there
Except more and more work
Their false remorse I must
Sooth away with platitudes of
False memory and forgiveness joy

I know sighted guide
I have the needed skills
To help the geriatric blind
I understand all too well
Helpless procrastination

I am able to debate and interpret
Their deep core faith though
I believe not piles of mealy mouth
Words while I hopelessly cook
Their food that I can not eat

Just for their pleasure
I can be the jolly punster
And soothingly joke as we
Struggle to get clean and clothed
And I do the laundry out of sight

But for me there is nothing
There except memory to avoid
And more work to do
And the hot house heat
Steaming the holes in my brain

Whether here or there
I am alone and my pain lives
Within me to travel along
Company to sooth my aloneness
My love is merely compassion
Bear …07.31.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014
Soon enough, my turn. With my bad attitude nobody will be able to tolerate me!!!

Flow To the Ocean

Why do I not swim?
Have I grown too old,
Too heavily burdened
With memory,
Memories of dancing
In these life waters?
I have become as flotsam,
Swept along by the beauty,
Flowing with words
That I swallow, choking.
Music fills my ears
So that I cannot hear
Your anguished cries.
The work, too constant,
Too strenuous has dragged
Me under in whirlpools
Of despairing fatigue,
While even love no
Longer sustains me.
Helpless, I am part
Of the rushing river,
I flow to the Ocean.
Bear … 06.13,2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014