Boggy Creek, Nassau County, Florida


Bridge Over Boggy Creek ⓒBearspawprint2015 2015-06-19

Bridge Over Boggy Creek ⓒBearspawprint2015 





Music Themes: All Saints Day The Pagan Blended

In this time of Changing Seasons the veil between the worlds of living and dead and present past and future thins and the dead and living seem to mix and blend.  But as the day and night progress the dead must return to the Other Worlds and those who linger are forced or sent away.  Old myths, traditions and legends have been blended over time evolving with changing cultures.   Some traditions have blended this day and night  as a hunt for bad behaving humans and others have it as hunt for evil mischief making spirits or daemons.  Still others traditions use this time to honor the good, both living and dead.

Lisa Thiel – Sacred Ancestors’ Chant

Sava – Wylde Hunt

Omnia – The Wylde Hunt     Cernunnos, Lord of Beasts, he grunts:  “Come join us for the Wylde Hunt! …”

Ghost Dance  —  Rambert Dance Company — Ojos Azules

Kula Shaker – Persephone

Faun – Cernunnos

Oden / Wotan / Odin / Óðinn / Woden            The Wild Hunt is a supernatural force that sweeps across the land at night. The actual object of the Hunt varies from place to place. In some areas it searches for anything that might be unforunate enough to be in its path. Others say it hunts evildoers.The leader of the Hunt also varies. In Celtic Britain it is usually led by Cernunnos, the horned god. In Wales it is led by Gwyn ap Nudd, and sometimes Bran. After the Anglo-Saxons had settled in England, Cernunnos became Herne the Hunter.The Wild Hunt also appears in Teutonic myth, its leader being Woden or Odin.      by Luke Goaman-Dodson