In a land between
Nowhere and nowhere
There is nothing
Useless misery
Heart felt caring
Entangled ancestors
Bound in the gill
Nets killer sleeping
Monstrous hammock
Obligated calendar
Drowning between
The fox’s ears
Tree of Life
Slipping below
Turtle Island
Craton of throwback
Haplotype prearranged
War lust migrating
Babel linga
Worship ritual
Unknown sounds
Common language
Justifying despair
Hoarding children
Born in clouds of
Insects become
God like with
Mitochondrial oxygen
Exoskeleton prosthetic
Soul transplanted
Android approved
Affiliated religion
Uniformed naked
King’s clothing
Bartered hope
Exchanged under
Banquet table
Gobbling sweet taste
Swallowed whole
Bear … 10.02.2015