Our Heavenly Father — Music Themes

MADDIE  chose the Music Theme OUR HEAVENLY FATHER for this week.

Behind the idea of all myths is the original void.  The parent seed of all else is always the VOID, which is at once the potential for everything and is also nothing.  It is the Word, and it’s absence, the creator and the created, encompassing all that will ever be.  All original Heavenly and earthly FATHERS and all mothers and time beyond time, all substance and the infinite universes have the same original source.
It is JOHNNY’S turn to choose the Music Theme for next week.
Ψαραντώνης: Ο Δίας 
5min. 17sec.
Tzortz O Lyraris
Ο Δίας = Zeus

Archaeology of the ancient Mayan civilization of Mesoamerica – The Maya Gods – 1
3min. 33sec.
Enlazador de Caminos