Johnny chose RACE AGAINST TIME as our music theme for this first day of the year 2015
Are we in a RACE AGAINST TIME to rush down the Road to Revelation or to escape the Road to Revelation?
ROAD TO REVELATION — Two Steps From Hell
2min. 01sec.

The next Music Theme shall be chosen by Lisa of The Light.
HAPPY NEW YEAR a message of PEACE from NASA
* Rising in the East
The survival clock of humanity says we are in our last hour, unless we learn to live together.
MIDNIGHT  —  Cinderella —  Prokofiev  —  Ukrainian State Symphony Orchestra
2min. 05sec.

This is a RACE AGAINST TIME that we must STOP.
A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 — Isao Hashimoto
14min. 24sec.

“… time-lapse map of the 2053 nuclear explosions which have taken place between 1945 and 1998, beginning with the Manhattan Project’s “Trinity” test near Los Alamos and concluding with Pakistan’s nuclear tests in May of 1998. This leaves out North Korea’s two alleged nuclear tests in this past decade …”
Contact the artist:  hashi123@amy.hi-ho.ne.jp
Are we in a RACE AGAINST TIME to pay the Piper, before it is too late for the children?
RATS — – Pied Piper of Hamlin — Walt Disney’s Fables — King Kong Was A Rat
7min. 25sec.

Does being in a RACE AGAINST TIME mean there is No Time For Caution? Is that a sensible way to behave?
NO TIME FOR CAUTION — Interstellar OST –Hans Zimmer
4min. 06sec.

Are we cursed with an inevitable RACE AGAINST TIME with a pre-ordained ending?
The Spindle’s Power – Maleficent  OST – James Newton Howard
.4min. 34sec.

Is the RACE AGAINST TIME a race to stop certain misguided or evil individuals? Is this possible?
THE DARK KNIGHT — Batman OST — Hans Zimmer
8min. 7sec.

Is a RACE AGAINST TIME merely a paranoid illusion? Is our worst enemy ourselves?
MY ENEMY — Paranoia — Electro Suite — The Amazing Spiderman 2 OST — Hans Zimmer — Pharrell Williams — The Magnificent Six — Johnny Marr
8min. 08sec.

The White Rabbit’s RACE AGAINST TIME led Alice into another world.
I’M LATE, I’M LATE and THROUGH THE RABBIT HOLE — Alice In Wonderland OST —  Lewis Caroll — Walt Disney
2min. 14sec.

Here is another way of looking at the White Rabbit and his RACE AGAINST TIME.
WHITE RABBIT — Jefferson Airplane — Grace Slick
2min. 28sec.

All things are influenced by being observed, by awareness, and measurements, including whether it is even a real concept to have a RACE AGAINST TIME.
11min. 54sec

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FORGOTTEN — Music Themes

Johnny  chose the music theme FORGOTTEN for this week.

Music can be a guide
That takes one
So far outside,
Expanding experience,
So that self
Is forgotten,
There is no memory
And all is One.
Music can take one
So far within,
That the personal
Merges with the music,
So that the
Curtain of illusion
Is forgotten,
All is illusion,
And all is One.
ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014

I have some personal music favorites which I use as transportation to the OTHER, to the FORGOTTEN, that I did not use, opting instead for performances new to me. Some of these I selected for their being appropriate to the theme, a few for that beautiful quality that transports the listener to a new realm, somewhere that maybe is not entirely new, somewhere visited by musicians and listeners now and again, somewhere only FORGOTTEN for a while …

Perhaps one of these pieces will be a guide to the FORGOTTEN for you?
.Lana Trotovsek – J.S.BACH: Fugue from Violin Sonata in G minor
.Lana Trotovsek, of Slovenia, has such close to perfect execution that I am able to forget about the work and time and effort that goes into learning and practice and just give myself over to listening….
.FORGOTTEN REALMS — Thomas Bergersen — Two Steps From Hell
.FORGOTTEN — Azam Ali — Loga Ramin Torkian
.FORGOTTEN WORLDS— Delerium — Lisa Gerrard — Klaus Schulze — Ocean of Innocence
. The Electro Suite –The Amazing Spider-Man 2 OST — Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent Six —
Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr, Michael Einziger, Junkie XL, Steve Mazzaro and Andrew Kawczynski
.Music sometimes guides the listener almost too far inward into psyche all too realistic, through the music characterization, so that there is understanding, blurring the lines between what is manufactured and what is real. Perhaps it is more pleasant for some experience to be FORGOTTEN, to not know at all ……
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Eva:  is busy working on her manuscript … 600 pages and still it flows.   Eva sent this link and comment:   http://youtu.be/DTRiXtP7lkA  “Keiko Matsui ‘s Deep Blue is something I listen to a great deal while writing– I have her cd by the same title.”

Next week’s theme is  ESSENTIAL.