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Something is Wrong Here—–poem from movie Khadak

Altan Urag

Something is Wrong Here      Mother Mongolia by Alton Urag

Mongolian with English subtitles.  Poetry reading with music, from the movie Khadak.  Music by Altan Urag

Dec 23—–Dominica: Indigenous People Want Territory Renamed

Repeating Islands


The head of the indigenous people in Dominica, Garnet Joseph, says he is disappointed that after two years, the government has not agreed to a proposal to change the name of the Carib Territory to Kaliango Territory, antigua’s Observer reports.

He said while he supports a decision by the Roosevelt Skerrit government to change the names of two of island’s biggest mountains, the authorities should also look into the the Kalinago Council’s proposal.

“This is about two years now since we made the proposal for changing the name from Carib Territory to Kalinago Territory. I am hoping that in the not too distant future our request for the name change is met,” he told the Dominica New Online website.

“The reasons we gave for changing the name of the Territory is even more justified than the names recommended by the committee to change the name of the mountains in this…

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U.S. Virgin Islands Communities Promote Taíno Heritage in the Caribbean

Repeating Islands


(Calling Dr. Haslip-Vieira et al!) The Voice of the Taíno People Online, “a syndicated indigenous news service dedicated to increasing the visibility of Taíno and other native peoples from throughout the Caribbean region and the Diaspora in the spirit of our ancestors,” announced that in early December, Opia Taíno of St. Thomas and the United Confederation of Taíno People adopted a Declaration of Unity at Magens Bay, St. Thomas (U.S. Virgin Islands). [For more details on the pro-Taíno roots movement, see Puerto Rico, Dominica and Cuba embrace their Taíno Indian heritage and Puerto Rico: Afro-Caribbean and Taíno Identity.] See more of the original article below:

The historic treaty was ratified in a special ceremony by Maekiaphan and Tesroy Phillips and other members of the local Taíno and Carib community represented by Opia Taíno and Roberto Mukaro Borrero, representing the United Confederation of Taíno People (UCTP).

“This is a…

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