Attitude of Gratitude — Music Themes

Maddie has chosen ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE as the Music Theme for this week.

I Thank You


It takes a generosity of spirit to say thank you.
Only a heart recognizing the giver is able
To share gratitude with contentment.
Appreciation gone unsaid is piled up stingy,
It molders in the greedy takers soul. 
By withholding satisfaction selfish hoarding
Ignites hot resentment at the easing of need.
Gratitude thoughtfully related gently warms
Both the recipient and the giver’s hearts.
Kindness and effort work courageously together
Hand in hand like accepting and giving, 
But there is only truly helping another 
When there is gratitude in honorably receiving.
Gratitude unstated might really not be there.
How can the helper know 
If the helped one doesn’t share? 
There are secret gimme gimmies
 And takers that don’t care. 
They don’t recognize the sun
And they don’t acknowledge service.
Though the sun shines on all, there are
Shadows filled with fear of unfilled need.
If thank you is unsaid then the coveting ego 
Will continue to try to satisfy hidden greed.
The selfless has no gage to know if the largess
Of their bounty has touched another’s heart.
The effort of the giving may be wasted unless
The words THANK YOU do their essential part.
Thank you is mutually enhancing.
Thank you eases pain and satisfies the soul.
Thank you acknowledges the worthiness of the giver and of the recipient.
Thank you is beautiful. 
Thank you for all that you have done.
Thank you.
You have done so very much more than you know.
Thank you.  Thank you.
You know who you are and I thank you.
I know who you are and I thank you.
Thank you.
Bear … 02.28.2014
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