Dry Lightening

I am here
like a vapor
Like mist
But I am dry
I am smoke
I sparkle static
Over quaking earth
Hummock insecure
Stomp dancing
Bears send
Percussive shivers
Shells rattle
Each step
Soon filled
Nearby the
Peat burns
The pines burn
Hot I burn
Lightening fire
Dry storm ignited
Lifting billows
Of smoke visible
One hundred miles
I follow the smoke
I have become smoke
My dreams
My strength
My prayers
My devils
Myself destroyed
The smoldering air
To merge with
Electric clouds
Arching sky synapse
Of no rain
St. Elmo’s fire
Is purple blue
The air is green
I was a tree
Now I am brown
Smoke rising
Drifting I
See my mother
Behind the
Rainless clouds
A rainbow speaks
Not by water
But by fire
Is flying
Bear … 06.22.2015