Cold Wind From The North West

There was a

Cold rushing

Wind from

The North West

Then stillness



Grows ice

Alas for

New growth

Alas for

Spring animals

Awake too soon

Roots bide

In silence

Seeds and tubers

Orient themselves

Without  discussion

When the thaw

Soon arrives

Foliage and flowers

Will drape

Themselves in

Black extremity

A widow’s lace

Across my garden

Bear — January 7, 2015

The temperature is dropping ten degrees Fahrenheit, per hour. Care for your animals, and friends, and relatives, and the helpless, and yourselves, as much as you are able. Please.





Ligustrum is just pretty and is such an easy, low maintenance shrub, that I may even learn to accept the scent.

Native to Japan, Ligustrum has glossy ever-green leaves .  The shrub can be trained/pruned  to desirable shapes.  I allow the sun and shadow and rain to “train” those in my garden. I do prune branches that begin to protrude into pathways. As a result they resemble small trees.  The tallest, so far, is about fifteen feet high.  Others are rounder and lower, depending on where the sun is in relation to where they are.  Mine tolerate drought and rain. All are in acidic well drained soil.

Ligustrum   ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014

Ligustrum ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014

This photo is from Dear Son III’s  garden in Yulee, Florida.  All of the Ligustrum in my yard (about a dozen) are rooted from parent plants in his yard.  The flower’s white beauty makes the scent better than it really is.

Bearspawprint 2014

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