Dear Ones,

I am told that some Indigenous medicine people think we, as a whole, are not in Tribulation. We are in a period of Transition.

I have found that change itself is not painful, it is the resistance to change that causes conflict. Especially if those others do not understand what is necessary and are fighting conscious evolution.

Doing without a bad habit is not what is painful, it is the clinging, even addiction, to the bad habit that hurts. Individuals, groups, even masses can be addicted to bad ideas and behaviors. Aggression is a bad behavior habit. The larger the portion of humanity who cling to the nasty old habits, the more difficult achieving global peace can, and will be.

However, there are many, including Elders who have suffered greatly in this life and have gazed into the Face of Evil, offer the hope that the basic goodness of humans will tip humanity towards an altruistic future.

It is the thought of myself, Agawela, that prophecies are merely warnings, not laws, about what most probably will come to be IF change is not expediently begun, enacted, and carried out.

Prophesies do not always reveal what change is required. That is part of the difficulty of clinging to old bad habits. All addictions, including wrong thinking, conceal TRUTH and the WAY TO PEACE.

If those whose desires are stronger towards their addiction for WAR dominate, then I, Agawela, say Tribulation and Apocalypse are the same.

Human disasters, that we make ourselves, can be averted, if the causes are dealt with in a timely manner. Those causes are not hidden.

I humbly thank those who are doing, and have done, what they can to preserve, protect, and generate goodness in this world.

I thank, also, those of you who hold the heroes of this world in your hearts.
It is your love, true and from the heart that creates balance against the ugliness. Without your love there would be no hope at all.

Thank you. I thank you all.
08.30.2017 ⓒBearspawprint2017

Simply Stop

Who are
You answering
The Devil’s
Wailing call
Smirking in
Nasty ugly glee
Into gore
Are you Kali’s
Hunters synchophants
Trophy heads
Courageous dead
Refusing to speak
Remove eternal
Present turn
Brightest tomorrow
Into a monstrous death today
Devils play
With destruction
And bloody war
Damning our children
Into mutations of
Begging horror
Tomorrow’s hate
There is
No way
Except to
Know you
That tomorrow
Has already
Before us been
The universe
Is vast
Our foolish selves
Yet all
Is One
We are all
All the infinite One
Bear … o9.14.2014

I Thank You


It takes a generosity of spirit to say thank you.
Only a heart recognizing the giver is able
To share gratitude with contentment.
Appreciation gone unsaid is piled up stingy,
It molders in the greedy takers soul. 
By withholding satisfaction selfish hoarding
Ignites hot resentment at the easing of need.
Gratitude thoughtfully related gently warms
Both the recipient and the giver’s hearts.
Kindness and effort work courageously together
Hand in hand like accepting and giving, 
But there is only truly helping another 
When there is gratitude in honorably receiving.
Gratitude unstated might really not be there.
How can the helper know 
If the helped one doesn’t share? 
There are secret gimme gimmies
 And takers that don’t care. 
They don’t recognize the sun
And they don’t acknowledge service.
Though the sun shines on all, there are
Shadows filled with fear of unfilled need.
If thank you is unsaid then the coveting ego 
Will continue to try to satisfy hidden greed.
The selfless has no gage to know if the largess
Of their bounty has touched another’s heart.
The effort of the giving may be wasted unless
The words THANK YOU do their essential part.
Thank you is mutually enhancing.
Thank you eases pain and satisfies the soul.
Thank you acknowledges the worthiness of the giver and of the recipient.
Thank you is beautiful. 
Thank you for all that you have done.
Thank you.
You have done so very much more than you know.
Thank you.  Thank you.
You know who you are and I thank you.
I know who you are and I thank you.
Thank you.
Bear … 02.28.2014
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Sweet Potatoes in February

Night has fallen
There’s a cold
Pouring rain
All around inside me
Is sadness and pain
Dark swirl into night
With a myth
That is warm
Serve fresh hot bread
With olives and cheese
Hot sweet potatoes
Remind of the sun
Create light laughter
Pretend it is fun
Remember remember
You make up the rest
There is love in the act
Only reply with gentle tact
Treat as a patient
Courteously serve
Expectations quite rigid
Wants grab at my hands
Hurt taking my heart
Everyone needs
While trying to hide
Sly gimmies are signaled
With subdued greed
I’ve drawn on more than
What I have left
There’s the Piper to pay
Due any day
The messenger’s here
With private pains full of fear
I humbly ask
Let me finish my task
Until they are stable
I beg please oh please
Let me be able
Only the soundless
Word song is mine
I dance to my no tune
And that is just fine.
Bear … 02.06.2014.

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Play Into Day

Let us play and play.
And play
And play and play.
Open up the night
Step out into day.
The way that we play
And play and play
Might be mistaken
For the method
Many people
Use when they
Think they pray
Play when they pretend pray
Play when they pretend pray
However, we continually
Pray, even at play
Pray, even at play
Open up the night
Step out into day.
Bear … 02.06.2014

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