Summoning Granny Magic

From where
May I
Summon energy?
My body
Has none.
Nerve fatigue
I am running
In deficit.
Beyond my
Is required.
I must borrow
From tomorrow.
The Chi is
Becoming equalized
Within my body,
And surrounding.
I must evoke
A great deal
Of Granny Magic.
I am grateful.
The Magic
Is possible.
This long day
Will become
A happy memory.
The morrow
Of returns
Will come
Soon enough.
A small child
Is expecting
Her Granny,
With open arms.
Granny Magic
Turns everything
Into love filled fun.
Children know.
Bear … 09.02.2014
ⓒBearspawprint 2014


Friday Visitors To Start The Weekend

While Dear Husband took a mini-vacation two of my Grandchildren spent the night with me.

Roy didn’t get to go to the beaches in Pensacola, either, as he needed to register for classes for the
fall semester. He’s having to competitively register in order to take sequential courses sequentially.
The process doesn’t seem to be any more streamlined than in the olden days.

But I had lots and lots of fun with these  little ones.