Yesterday, Saturday,  Oct. 26

  Roy felt woozy, started to lean, flung his arm out to catch a rafter, but lost consciousness so that his weight continued in the arc and all 6ft 4in. of him landed  face first (to the side on his cheekbone) on the edge of the cat food feeding can.  We were all afternoon-early night at the hospital getting sewed up and doing all sorts of tests.  Follow up testing is being scheduled and no driving and other cautions for … a while.  Classes of course continue.  We had a good ER doctor who took every symptom seriously.  There are some fairly benign possible causes and some quite serious possible causes that could all or individually have been the reason(s) for this incident and related disturbing symptoms …  which are to be investigated further.
I requested a plastic surgeon, who came right away even though not on call, to sew Roy up so the scarring should be minimal.  The ER (emergency room) doctor called the surgeon, personally, and he just happened to be not too far away.
I’m wondering:  If Roy had been turned in a different direction and landed in the cat’s litter box if it would have been a softer landing?
When we finally got home from the hospital, after eight hours, there  was barely enough time for me to go collect his North East Florida Fair entries which were supposed to be picked up during  the  three (or four?) hour time interval before midnight. The gates were being locked when I got there, even though I drove (fifth amendment invoked here) fast.  He won three Blue Ribbons (first place) and two Red (second place) .
Most of his woodworking tools, including those pictured, he makes himself.  Then the dimensions
and handles and types  of blades and chisels and gouges fit his own proportions and the needs of
the particular piece he is work on.
Roy says he wishes he had a better story to explain his stitches than “I fainted and fell in the cat food”.  To me, that is the best of the possible stories for this.