Dancing With Ghosts

Where is this place, so bitter cold, cold,
So burning hot, hot, this salty wasteland of empty, empty?
Where the greatest joy is found dancing with ghosts,
Dancing with ghosts, dancing with ghosts, wind, ghosts, ghosts…
Exiled to this nowhere of wailing free winds,
Questing winds, ghosts, wind, wind asking for new words,
Singing the same ancient song, always the same, not new,
Not new, not new, not new, lowing not new, not new, not new …
Oh home, I want to go home, to the welcome,
The love, the comfort, the harmony, to Mama, Mama,
I want to go home to the home, the home that cannot be,
Never was, never was, never come with me, come with me, with me…
Where is this place, so bitter cold,
So burning hot, this salty wasteland of empty?
Where the greatest joy is found dancing with wind,
Dancing with ghosts, dancing with ghosts, with ghosts, with wind, alone…
Oh joy! Oh happy! Dancing not new, not new, not new,
Dancing not new, dancing, dancing, flying with ghosts,
Blown on the salt watered free to a never was, never will be,
The empty never, only wind, wind, happy wild dancing, flying, dancing…
Bear … 05.28.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014


Music Themes: All Hallows Eve I

Loreena McKennitt —  All Souls Night

Ghost Brothers of Darkland County — Taj Mahal — Tear this Cabin Down

Right Place, Wrong time — Dr. John

Samhain Returns

(Poem By Draconis Blackthorne, Music by Dorian Grey. Selection from the book Satanic Serenades.)

Goblins and ghouls begin to creep

Into the realm of mortals they seep

Dancing, carousing, it captures their minds

To replicate same, if just for a time

Welcome again into My world

A glimpse of the Magic enchantment unfurled

A tip o’ the horns, a curl of the tail

The howl of a wolf, the moan of a gale

The Gates are agape, from caverns below

The fiery rictus, the carven glow

Reflections upon the overcast sky

Overshadows the land from tempestuous high

Skeletal trees scratch at the air

Filled with the scents of carnival faire

Impending darkness grows day by day

Chases the curse of the blindlight away

Gaze in wide wonder at the marvels I bring

A season eternal of nightmares and dreams

The phantoms come closer on this Halloween

Filling the evenings with laughter and screams!