Full Moon May 10 – 11 Sorpio


Full Scorpio Moon viewed through smoke from West Mims Fire  May 10, 2017

Full Moon In Scorpio - ⓒBearspawprint2017

Full Moon In Scorpio – ⓒBearspawprint2017

Owl Calls The Moon

Mist eddies swirl
Closing curtains
On broken jointed dances
Rabbits and coyotes
Watch waiting
I brush my hair
In darkness
Lightening crackles
Arcing ’round my head
Coyote eyes glow
Gliding smooth
Lost in shadows
Going darker
Trees shift closer
Owl calls the Moon
Agawela … 03.12.2017

Nesting Dust

Cultivated care
Sweet soothing
Weary walking
Upstairs weighted
Restless winds
Stir memory’s dust
Skittering across
Bare feet
Cold rows
In moonlight
Round fullness
Dances balancing
Sharpened blades
Furrowing old
Faces weeping
Warm laughter
Wrapped around
Stiff shoulders
Planted harvest
Of strong fences
Drifts seedless
Darkening clouds
Gather softly
Nesting in
Poisoned corners
Agawela … 03.09.2017