Double Dog Dare … Green Go

Double Dog Dare … Green Go

February Fog in North East Florida

Green.  Go  ⓒBearspawprint2015  02.24.2015

Green. Go ⓒBearspawprint2015 02.24.2015




Eclipsed Eclipse — Blood Moon

The view from North East Florida through the trees, fog and clouds.  Cloud cover eclipsed the eclipse before it was one half complete.




max richter – november

I found this music  via:    This page is in a blog with page after page of poignant posts.   NOVEMBER is not amongst her selections, but the begnning of a journey that led to it is.   Poesravenlady homepage:


The problem with NOVEMBER

And all of the seasons

Is they end too soon.

Just when I begin to be immersed …. it’s over.

I can actually dance with-in November.

There are no sudden jarring movements required.

Perhaps I don’t appear to be the Dance,

So much, to my troupe of trees and fog and

The few critters still awake, perhaps,

If they are  judgmental types,

I look more as if I am tottering and lurching

Rather  than swaying in elegant swirling pirouettes.

I pretend the graceful eddies in the fog

And the ripples of movement in my clothing

Are the dance I hear in my muscles and bones …

No more a viewers comedy.

Which is fine.

When I dance

I do not perform.

Alone, I Am Dance.




Agawela finds moonlight in the swamp      by bearspawprint

Agawela = Old Woman

Foggy October Moonlight

The bright October Moonlight is so bright it illuminates  the  foggy clouds creating shadows of the tree cover.

Through the trees lighted windows offer respite in the shadowed darkness.