Symetry of Theft

Is jealousy of creation a part of  human nature?
Is it innocence to assume that all flowers
Are for the plucking? Is it righteous to
Reach out and take take take take take
Calling the self both messenger and author?
Is it human nature to pluck the best?
To hunt through the ordered gardens and the wilderness
Gathering the prettiest and the most significant,
Plucking the flowers from their context
And claiming, “Now this is mine.” ?
Why not take all the best that you can perceive?
Why not take what moves your soul? Take take, take take .
Take what brings some comfort.  Take take take take.
Why should the intensity of your wanting
Not be justification for thieving actions?
If there is beauty in the wild,
Is that Wildness available for the plucking?
Are there no consequences for your taking taking
Taking taking taking taking taking.
There is always balance in nature.
There are always consequences.
The flattery of your wanting is insufficient.
The Universe cares not for flattery.
When beauty flows into your heart,
Does that make you the author or the audience?
You vandalizing thieves who have destroyed
With your careless critical trampling;
You flattering greedy plagiarizing soul cannibals;
You deceive only yourself that you are the art,
Yourself the artist and the gardener.
You trolling gatherers of art’s life blood,
Think that there is no price to pay. Wrong.
Restitution is always made. Balance is a contract
With the Universe, made before the birth of beauty.
Think on symmetry when you claim what is not yours …
Da! Da! Da!
Through all strata of creation balance is maintained.
Bear … 04.23.2014
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Rainy Day Walk … Wild Azaleas … Rhododendron Canescens

A walk on a rainy day  can be pleasant.  The rain slowed enough to wander and there was just enough drizzle to keep down the worst of the skeets (mosquitoes).  I was looking for Wild Azaleas to share,  and there they were … waiting


Bear … 03.29.2014 …. Rainy Day Walk… Wild Azalea Buds








Blooming Azaleas

Bear…03.25.2014… Vernal sunshine on Azaleas




Color For Gray December Days


Nature offers welcome color contrast against colorless December skies.]

There were no flowers in the Veterans Administration Hospital — and I’ll be back —

Dear Ones

I will be mostly off-line (more or less) for a while. Dear Husband is gravely ill and in the VA Hospital with heart troubles.
I’ll check in now and again…and please know I haven’t forgotten you and your beautiful words and images, I’m just pre-occupied.

Amongst other life-style changes, DH must quit drinking alcohol. Well he hasn’t had any after Saint Patrick’s Day and arriving in the Emergency Room on Monday …. And him with 30 gallons of mash in the barn, this minute.

I noticed, when I brought some flowers from our yard, that, as far as I could see by peaking in rooms I passed and there being NO florist cart anywhere, that the flowers I brought were the only ones in the entire building.
All of those veterans stuck inside in the Spring, and no one even had any flowers in their rooms seemed so sad, to me.  If you have time, take a small boquette of fresh flowers to a VA hospital. It wouldn’t take a lot of effort. I used a cleaned out shiny “soup can” as a vase. Maybe just place them on a nurses station, so everyone passing by can enjoy… or give to some lonesome, abandoned looking bed-ridden veteran  (ask a nurse, first, just to make sure it won’t create some sort of health problem).

In the VA Hospital, where my husband is, I want to say that the staff  is a most competent caring staff, the housekeeping is outstanding, and the cardiologists are superior, there is even a surprisingly good library.  Even the tile-work in the patient bathrooms is attractive and well done.  And clean.  That is one clean facility.

Thank you for all you have done
Granny Bear