Dance Here With Me

Impenetrable walls and fences
Are built by cold
Indifference and illusions
It is the False Faces Liars who
Cannot pass through
What is a construct of
Themselves repairing
Their own hard barrier
Guardians of their
Fear and disillusion
Working working working
Working working working
To keep me in my place
Only the inside out
Vision of delusion
Can dissolve the
Gateless self creation
No need for gates and doors
All portals lead not in
Fools keep adding
Bricks more bricks
Of heavy weary sin

On this side there is no wall
On this side I remember all
On this side I am free
On this side there is no here
In my untended Wild Garden
I Be
It is really
Not a problem
To dance here
With me
Bear … o3.05.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint