Dance the Dance Insane

To be sane
I am told it is required
To live repetitive tacky inane.
Track-a Track-a Track-a
Woo Woo
What is there to gain
Thinking the same old thought
Again and again and again
Track-a Track-a Track-a
Woo Woo
Why go through life
As a tracking train
Forever repeating absurd strife
Track-a Track-a Track-a
Woo Woo
I give you the always permission
You may join this dance as we
Are allowed being eternal anti-fission
Dance the Dance Insane
We shall swirl and twirl
In a Warm Music Rain
Whirl and Whirl and WHIRL
Dance the Dance Insane
Again and Again and Again
This we shall do with delight
Again and Again and Again
Dance the Dance Insane
Dance the Dance Insane
Dance the Dance Insane
Dancing dancing dancing
Dance the Dance Insane
Track-a Track-a Track-a
Woo woo
Dance oh Dance
Dance the Dance Insane
Bear … 01.25.2014




Heartless thought and soulless heart
Desire and love dance music words even art

Comprehend the parting shot
They’ve let me know what I’m not

All expression is mere drivel
Brimming life to empty hull shrivel

The flavored love essential being
All that I am has no meaning


Bear … 01.24.2014



La Danse Est La Musique


Danse Est La Musique
Tous mourrez
C’est jamais eu la vie
Mais la musique
Oui la musique
La musique seule vivra
Toujours la musique
Et si la danse
Doit être dansé
Vivants et morts
Toujours la musique
Toujours la danse
Tout est la danse éternelle
La musique seule vivra
Danse pour toujours
La Danse De La Mort Non
Bear … 01/03/2014
Dance Is Music
All shall die
That ever had life
But the music
Yes the music
Music alone shall live
Forever the music
And so the dance
Shall be danced
Living and dead
Forever the music
Forever the dance
All is the Eternal Dance
Music alone shall live
Dancing forever
The Dance Of No Death
Bear … 01.03.2014




In a fit of pique,
That lasted
From her birth
Until her death,
My mother destroyed
All of the affection,
All of the care,
All of the reminders,
Of her despair, 
That she could find.
She destroyed much else.
Those few bits of herself
And her love
That survived,
Did so by being
And so,
Lost to her grasp.
I was not real,
Only a representation
Of failed dreams.
I was not real,
Only an unredeemable
Wasted effort.   
When I have
Seen the odd surviving
Image of myself,
I am amazed. 
I was not ugly
As I remember myself, 
Long ago.
As I danced
I could dance
Beauty into being.
I would generate an
Aura of Beauty
That deceived everyone.
Anyone who saw this
Dancing illusion 
Would believe that Beauty
Existed and I could
Hide my essential
Inescapable ugliness
Within that beautiful illusion.
I danced a magic spell
To mesmerize all judgment.
I did not recognize
My Self
As my own illusion.
Bear  01.01.2014

Too Fast Slow Dance of Death

Fast.  It is all too fast.
All Swirls Around And Around,
The Too Fast Cyclone Life.
No Escape From
My Swirling Sluggish
Body That Quits,
And Stalls, And
Longs To Linger
In the Limbo Of Lost Love.
Leaving Tasks
Works, Loves,
Children, All Unfinished.
I Am A Slow Sorrow
Caught In My Own
Slowing Sibilant Song,
A Droning Hum Countered
Against The Too Fast
Swirling Star Song Symphony.
The Light Dance, Too fast
For this Dark Dreamless
Dreaming Sleepless Sleep.
All Growth Too fast.
Thought Too Fast.
Song-Lines All Gone.
Decay  Too Fast.
Dreamtime Too Slow.
Flying Forever Too Slowly.
I am Too Fast For Self
To Know.  A Dreamless
Dreamtime Comes The
Too Fast End.
Never Awake,
Slowly Reaching,
Forever Awakening Too Slow.
Too Slow.
Swept Along Too Fast
In The Rushing River Dance
 Of  My Dreaming Illusion Of Slow.
All Unfinished.
 Nothing Complete.
Alone, I Slowly Pass
Through The Too Fast
Slow Dance of Death.
Too Fast I Die.
Funneled Into The
Too Fast Whirlpool,
My Slowing Painful Body.
Dreaming Too Fast Of
The Tasks
Works, Loves,
Children, All Unfinished.
Repose Too Fast.
Slowly I Am Unwound
In  A  Too Fast Gyre,
The Too Fast
Slow Dance Of Death.
Bear   11.25.2013
ⓒ Bearspawprint 2013



max richter – november

I found this music  via:    This page is in a blog with page after page of poignant posts.   NOVEMBER is not amongst her selections, but the begnning of a journey that led to it is.   Poesravenlady homepage:


The problem with NOVEMBER

And all of the seasons

Is they end too soon.

Just when I begin to be immersed …. it’s over.

I can actually dance with-in November.

There are no sudden jarring movements required.

Perhaps I don’t appear to be the Dance,

So much, to my troupe of trees and fog and

The few critters still awake, perhaps,

If they are  judgmental types,

I look more as if I am tottering and lurching

Rather  than swaying in elegant swirling pirouettes.

I pretend the graceful eddies in the fog

And the ripples of movement in my clothing

Are the dance I hear in my muscles and bones …

No more a viewers comedy.

Which is fine.

When I dance

I do not perform.

Alone, I Am Dance.




Agawela finds moonlight in the swamp      by bearspawprint

Agawela = Old Woman




Жар-птица (Балет). / THE FIREBIRD  (Ballet).

Stravinsky: Firebird (Nina Ananiashvili, Andris Liepa, Bolshoi Ballet, Andrey Chistyakov, 1997)

Жар-птица (Балет). / The Firebird (Ballet).

The Firebird, French title L’oiseau de feu (Russian: Жар-птица, Zhar-ptitsa) is a ballet and orchestral concert work by the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky.     The ballet centers on the journey of its hero, Prince Ivan. Ivan enters the magical realm of Kashchei the Immortal; all of the magical objects and creatures of Kashchei are herein represented by a chromatic descending motif, usually in the strings. While wandering in the gardens, he sees and chases the Firebird. The Firebird, once caught by Ivan, begs for its life and ultimately agrees to assist Ivan in exchange for eventual freedom.     Next, Prince Ivan sees thirteen princesses, with one of whom he falls in love. The next day, Ivan chooses to confront Kashchei to ask to marry one of the princesses; the two talk and eventually begin quarreling. When Kashchei sends his magical creatures after Ivan, the Firebird, true to its pledge, intervenes, bewitching the creatures and making them dance an elaborate, energetic dance (the “Infernal Dance”). The creatures and Kashchei then fall asleep; however, Kashchei awakens and is then sent into another dance by the Firebird. While Kashchei is bewitched, the Firebird tells Ivan the secret to Kashchei’s immortality — his soul is contained inside an enormous, magical egg. Ivan destroys the egg, killing Kashchei. With Kashchei gone and his spell broken, the magical creatures and the palace all disappear. All of the “real” beings, including the princesses, awaken and celebrate their victory.                              SUN CHAI

Жар-птица — балет в одном действии 1910 года на музыку Игоря Стравинского
Балет написан по мотивам русских народных сказок о волшебной птице, которая является одновременно и благословением и проклятием для человека, завладевшего ей.     Действующие лица: Жар-птица; Иван-царевич; Царевна Ненаглядная Краса; Кощей Бессмертный; Всадник ночи; Всадник утра; Челядь Кощеева царства; Девушки, юноши, витязи.     На горе, среди скал, стоит замок злого царя Кощея Бессмертного. Чтобы никто не проник к Кощею, не похитил из замка пленных красавиц-царевен, не украл золотых плодов из волшебного сада, замок обнесен золотой резной решеткой, а сад — высокой каменной стеной. Медленно появляется Всадник ночи на черном коне, в черной одежде. Когда он удаляется, темнеет; только золотые яблоки на дереве светятся. Но тотчас же сад озаряется ярким светом от Жар-птицы. Она летает по саду. Иван-царевич в погоне за птицей проникает в сад через высокую каменную ограду.




Each dancer represents an equally powerful river merging to form one River that can never be separated out of itself. As likened to the Male and Female aspects of the universe that can not be separated into component parts.  We are all for and ever mingled, One of Nothing.  Bear


Lord Shiva and his consort Shakthi, representing the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies. The Ardhanari form also illustrates how the female principle of God, Shakti, is inseparable from the male principle of God, Shiva. Ardhanari in iconography is depicted as half-male and half-female, split down the middle. The best sculptural depictions of Shiva as Ardhanari are to be seen in the sensuous Chola dynasty bronzes and the sculptures at Ellora (Aurangabad)and Elephanta caves Mumbai.     Viswanathan Nair

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