Music Themes: All Hallowes Eve III

Corvus Corax – TOTENTANZ

Liszt Totentanz @Berlin Philharmonic

Danse Macabre

Dance of Death (ancient Greek. Χορός του Θανάτου; Lat. Mortis Saltatio; it. Totentanz, Eng. Dance of Death, fr. Danse macabre, Italian. Danza macabra, Spanish. Danza de la muerte) – an allegorical story of painting and literature Middle Ages, which is a variant of European iconography of death and impermanence of human existence: death is personified in the grave of a chain of shapes, including the king and the monk, boy, girl, and others.
The Candy Spooky Theater & SaTaN – La Dance Macabre




Bear     I          

Bear    II         

Bear   III