When I Was Away


While I Was Away …


While I was away ... ⓒBearspawprint2015

While I was away … ⓒBearspawprint2015

Blevin’s Gap





Grandmother’s Light

Grandmother Moon rises
Smiling behind
My small mountain
I look away towards
Your flickering valley
Arms spread
My puny shadow grows
Becoming a forest
Concealing the game trail
In the far distance
The Tennessee River
Shines blue moonlight
I move forward
Towards the west
Blind feet stepping
Into mysteries chosen
Path revealed as
Grandmother arcs
Across the Virgo night
No longer dark
Bear … o8.29.2015

Viewed From A Higher Elevation

In order to travel north west I had to fly north-north-east then west. The scenery looks different observed from this elevated height. The muted silvery blue pastels entranced.  The temperature was 17 F when I left the Jacksonville International Airport January 8. Bear 02.24.2014

Even the pollution was lovely, from this removed view.