What Lingers

Small remains
Lingering evidence
Strength of times
That have gone past
Of all the things
That have been made
And all the work
That has been done
It is only love
And that which is
Created with care
That I sadly wish
Could be enduring
As something to last
Would that harsh
Words of blame
Had never been cast
Bear … 03.02.2015

Inline image

The backside of an old bed-side rag rug I made from the scraps from a patchwork quilt, I stitched of the same colors, many years ago. Both were gifts to some seldom seen relatives.



A Basket To Carry Childhood

Each gathered in its season
The gifts of our Mother, and
Prepared according to its nature.
Cleaned, sorted by diameter, strength,
Flexibility, length, color.
Patterns forming with touch,
Weavers or spokes, coiled or twined?
Flat or wicker, split, stripped, or
Bundled, or twisted.
What a blessing is the gift of
Laerning about basketry.
Our Mother has gifted us all
With the materials for baskets.
Fibers are everywhere.
Perhaps even in Antarctica?
Are there sea-plants to be gathered
From the frozen desert?
Strips of skin and the bones
Of ocean food animals?
Perhaps the trash from the
Research stations? Plenty
Of that, I imagine,
Not so different from cities.
Collect materials while
They are available, and
You are able.
Always leave each harvested
Area a little nicer than
Before. Remove litter, bits
Of plastic and Styrofoam that
Seem to permeate everything.
Always leave a small
Gift in return
For each item taken from
Our Mother. Tell the plants,
The area, aloud, OUT LOUD,
Thank you. An honoring
Gift should be something
Of value, not piss.
Piss is not a gift (except
In certain circumstances)
Leave something you value,
Yourself, some hair will
Work, a bead, or some
Nice song, a sprinkle of
Grandfather Tobacco or
Kinnickinick, some clean water.
There are always consequences,
Whether or not Our Mother
Is honored, even
If you are not aware.
Never take all of a species
From anywhere, and always leave
The parent plants, even if it
Means not having as much as
Is want at a particular moment.
Use something else, or just wait.
With careful storage of
Materials, there will always
Be something fun
Waiting to be worked with.
Things of beauty can even
Be made from trash.
Transformed with the alchemy
Of imagination and work.
Tiny baskets, carrying baskets,
Even houses and shelters
Can be created as baskets.
Beads can be made
From bits of paper
And seeds, bones, glass,
Bits of metal, shells, wood,
Clay, ceramics, and more and
More ways to embellish
What is already beautiful.
All cultures have traditional
Patterns and styles and materials
That are unique to each and
Work for specific purposes,
From cooking baskets to
Fish traps to sheltering
From the rain, basketry
Has evolved to fill
Needs. For modern peoples
There is a need for crafts
That fill the soul’s hunger.
Love, care, beauty, music,
Stories, and poetry can all
Be woven into whatever craft
Is being worked. This is true
Of all arts. Discipline of
Thought is required to
Construct a basket that carries power.
To enhance power
Use joy to help a child
Learn to weave
The power of fun. Forever
There will be a memory
Of love and learning,
Of childhood.
Bear … 04.14.2014
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