JOURNEY — Music Themes

Eva chose JOURNEY as our Music Theme for this week.
Next week the theme is to be HUNGER.
A JOURNEY that has particular relevance, at this time of the year, as we in the Northern Hemisphere enter the tunnel of winter and darkness, is the JOURNEY all inhabitants of our beautiful Blue World make annually around our star in a spiral dance of the cosmic JOURNEY through space and time, beginning and ending in the same eternal moment as the JOURNEY of awareness, itself, the JOURNEY GYRE.
In my own small sphere, I have to work to remind myself that the autumn and winter seasons are merely a time of transition, not the end. There is no end to this JOURNEY.
Persephone — Dead Can Dance — Lisa Gerrard
6min. 47sec.

Have you ever embarked upon a journey with a glorious destination that turns out to be  fantasy?  Nowhere are the expected riches or the results that were originally anticipated. Yet the journey itself was of such wonder and freedom that you are changed forever, finding the path followed, the JOURNEY, was all along, the destination.
EL DORADO — Sky World — 2 Steps From Hell
4min. 20sec.

El Dorado The Lost City Gold [FULL DOCUMENTARY
Can it be that a life begun on the path of an emperor and ending as a laborer can be viewed as a successful JOURNEY? Are there influences on the direction of some lives that are beyond personal control? Does everyone get to choose the particular path that is to be followed?
LUNCH —  The Last Emperor –  Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Byrne and Cong Su
4min. 55sec.

Is it possible to travel a JOURNEY and not understand the words and descriptions that others use, to not be able to describe one’s experiences, and yet be able to understand internally  the essence of what is learned while JOURNEYING in the unknowable?
Punagra, dina jine jane, Punagra de, Punagra, dina ji.
6min. 19sec.

Is it possible to sing the world into being? Can a JOURNEY be remembered from the Dreamtime, so that it will exist in the world today?  A path is created before, and a path is left behind.  However,  JOURNEY paths are only temporary, existing while being traversed, until they are again recalled from the Dreamtime and sung into being and walked with song.
DREAMTIME* — Dawn of Time — Makara
6min. 01sec.

Makara = The Seven Sisters (Pleiades constellation)
Is it possible to change the path on which we JOURNEY by changing our selves?  Is that internal change enough? What happens when a selfish life has been lived, and consequences are thought of only when encountering the last gate on life’s JOURNEY? Does it matter what influence current and past actions and attitudes have in the future, as we all die anyway?  Do we have a responsibility for the consequences of what we do or omit to do?
THE FUTURE  —  Leonard Cohen
7min. 10sec.

Are destinations, conclusions, honors, awards,  endings, triumphs, pinnacles, all that there is?  Can these also become locked gates across the direction of one’s JOURNEY?  Should one stop and turn to gaze only on what has already been accomplished?  Is it possible to simply unlatch the gate and continue on, whether or not accolades and congratulations tie one to past goals?  If one has no exact expectations of achievement, what qualities are required to pilgrimage on a path that is, itself, all there is?  Are all lives a pilgrimage?  Are all JOURNEYS  a pilgrimage?
5min. 14 sec.

Does our JOURNEY end with this life?  Do we just travel on and on and on?
LESS IS MOI — the Goat Rodeo Sessions — Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile
7min. 28sec.

It seems that some JOURNEYS  do not ever end, even as the pathway passes through the opened gates. Is this true for all of us? Do we create with each step, ripples of effect that never end?
2min. 45sec.

EVA:   All Packed and Ready to Go Forth and Conquer Yourself? Yeah, It’s Journey Time.
LISA:     Lisa
JOHNNY:  Johnny
MADDIE:  ♪The Journey ~ Where Do Your Tracks Lead? Music Themes
WILLOW:  Willow


One Tiny Instant of Creator’s Song

The cosmic vastness
Cannot be described
With all the words
Of all the languages
Nor is there
Any means
To describe the
Forever changing
And always the same
Boundaries of
Beginning and end
Such convoluted
Knowing of size
Too enormously
Intricately complicated
Infinite versions
Of infinite ideas
Expanding more
Quickly than
Humans can conceive
Or recognize
Cannot Be
Perceived through
Thinking or
Nor can any mathematics
Define the infinitely
Withdrawing forever
Smaller lesser
And lesser beyond
Recording beyond
Negative numbers
Variety beyond knowing

Of the resonating
Universe vast
Around and within us
Which is not all
Only one instant
Of an unknowably
Small instant is the
Creator now singing
Into being
What might
Eventually be
Possible for
Humans yet being
Sung into
To know
Should we not
Destroy ourselves
The creating
Into all being
Is only
An infinitely
Tiny moment of
Creator’s humming
The Creation Symphony
The intensity
Beyond imagination
Glorious beauty
Ever beyond
Our small
Though always
Beyond us
It is our
Honor that we try
Forever enmeshed
In a swirling gyre
We remain unaware
Of the fullness
Of Creator’s Gift
. .. . ..
GLORAFIN —Lisa Gerrard

Glorafin = GloryEnd — Latin

HANNAHANNAH — Tövisháti András

Hannahannah — The Mother of all Mothers, Creator’s Mother, Mother Before Time


Our planet, even our galaxy, is like tiny speck of sand on an immense ocean beach, perhaps without end.
In 1996 astronomers pointed the Hubble Space Telescope at what appeared to be absolutely nothing and left it there for 10 days; and then, in 2004, they did it again for 11 days.  This time they pointed the Hubble toward another seemingly black, empty “nothing” area.
A narrator describes what Hubble revealed in those areas of nothingness.  they made the images Hubble recorded into a 3-D presentation.  Remember the speed of light is 186,000 miles/second.  when light travels at that speed for an entire year, that is equal to one light-year.  the meaning of what Hubble found is beyond comprehension.