Night In January

My home is a house
Amongst forest trees.
This night the trees
Are silent.
They do not creak,
Nor sigh.
The owls are quiet.
The horse is quiet.
The Guineas are
Not complaining.
No one speaks.
I hear the stars singing
Of their eternal journeys.
The brightening moon
Illuminates clouds,
Sand and water
In silvery blues.
The trees cast
Golden shadows.
All else is mystery.
Behind my eyes
Is night.
I whisper of
What I feel.
Your voice answers
Telling me of
Your wants that
Are needs.
Behind my eyes
Is night.
Behind my eyes
Sleeps black darkness.
Golden shadows
Outline my
Cold blue hands.
The trees
Remain silent.
Bear … 01.19.2016






There is No More Warmth

My wailing
Is only wind
Not empty music
You can hear
No Doppler
Siren song
No melodic
As I pass
There is no
No rhythmic
Drumming heart
Dearest Beloved
Should you happen
To listen
Now when
There are
No more words
To be said
You will hear
The same thoughts
Inside your head
As you have
Always heard
While you are
Turning away
I and all
My words
And thoughts
And music
I and my damaged
Heart and
My fears and tears
Forever unheard
Are howling
Shrieking gales
My body once
Warm with love
Is no more
Than a
Cold winter’s
Whistling winds
So lonesome
So hopeless
Hollow veins
Bear … 01.05.2015


Day of Thanksgiving

“Is everybody in?
Does everybody have a place to hide?
Is everybody safe and warm, inside?”
30 seconds long. Quite beautiful. By Walela
As the days and nights, in the Northern Hemisphere, grow colder and darker, please remember the elderly, the homeless,  the children,  those in distress, and the animals, both domestic and wild.
I hope you had a wonderful  Day of  Thanksgiving and are warm, comfortable, peaceful and filled with gratitude for all the wonders and blessings, known and unknown.
Thank you for all you have done.



What is the difference
In feigned indifference
And indifference that is real?
The feigned indifference hides
Feelings protected by the layers
Of practicing to be aloof.
True indifference feels nothing,
Is innocent of deceit,
Yet is opaque as captured light.
Indifference requires no pretense
There is nothing to protect
There is no heart, just ego and id.
The feigned and the true,
Become the same in the end
As practicing indifference leads
To no feelings hidden or unreal.

Indifference is the heart of
The cold Mountain Ice Mist.
Bear … 02.22.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint



You have the coldest heart

You are hard and slippery as ice

There is no where to start

No place to take hold

You are smooth and removed

Hidden far away

My entrance fee is proved

Yet you refuse to hear my say

Your manners are uncaring

I suspect that your disdain

Is really lack of daring

A cowardly frozen fear of pain
Bear … 02.15.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint